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Obedia Launches Four Training Plans in Partnership with Guitar Center

Obedia, a service that provides training and technical support to digital media artists, has released four training plans available for most major software products on the market. These plans can be purchased from select Guitar Center stores nationwide. Each training session is customized to meet the goals of the customer, and the customer sets the direction and pace of each session. An Obedia trainer will personally help the user plan and then accomplish their goals, enabling the user to get the most out of their software purchase in the shortest time.

“Our experience has shown that first-time users, as well as power users alike, find their biggest challenges in installing and getting up to speed on a new software application they’ve just bought,” says Obedia co-founder, Steve Garth. “With our training plans, they can call us any time of day or night, explain their goals and be guided by one of our expert trainers through the installation process and operational aspects of their new software. It doesn’t have to be a new application, either. A user may want to get deeper into a program they already own. Our goal is to have people being creative and productive in as short a time as possible. And it certainly beats reading the software manuals!”

“This truly is an industry first,” says GC executive Frank Joseph. “It’s a service that has been desperately needed in the music and pro audio community for a long time.”

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