Obedia. We Take Care of Your Technology, You Take Care of Your Art

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Obedia provides expert technical services to digital media artists using Digital Audio Workstations and peripherals. How many times has your DAW got in the way of you writing a song, producing a CD, or editing a film soundtrack? Way too many times is the answer. With technology advancing as quickly as it does today, it’s a challenge keeping up, and an even bigger challenge making sure it all works together seamlessly. That’s where Obedia comes in:

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  • We consult with clients to ensure that they purchase the best system to suit their needs.
  • We integrate systems to make sure that everything works.
  • We provide remote technical support, plus onsite technical support (in our coverage area) to fix any problems in operation.
  • We offer maintenance contracts and regular checkups to make sure that everything is updated, inventoried, archived and running correctly, preventing any major problem happening in the future.
  • We offer these services 24 hours a day seven days a week. We are always there whenever we are needed.
  • We recruit the best technical people available, all specialists in their field. If one specialist faces a problem outside of their field of expertise then they can call on a specialist in that field. Whatever it takes we get the clients problems fixed.
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or we don’t charge

You have the right to ensure your technology empowers your creative process – Obedia makes sure it does.

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