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Odds On Recording Expands Replication Facility

Odds On Recording Inc. of Henderson, Nev. has expanded its music recording and CD/DVD replication complex. The new buildings are located near the Las Vegas Strip. The manufacturing complex is reportedly the first major facility in the Las Vegas area to provide a recording studio outfitted with an SSL XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console, as well as mastering, CD/DVD replication, DVD authoring, graphic design, Web design and video post/editing services.

The 35,000-square-foot facility features the new Singulus Spaceline II HD DVD lines, Singulus Skyline & Krauss Maffei CD lines, audio dev testing, Bronway DVD packaging, spindle counting and sleeving with Gima jewel boxing. All-over wrapping is done on Sollas and Scandia machinery, while shrink-wrapping is completed on Shanklin equipment. The replication facility is capable of generating more than 5 million units each month.

“By expanding the scope of our services, Odds On now provides the ideal turnkey operation to its clients,” states Odds On president Tom Parham. “Our new facility offers a one-stop solution, streamlining the process for our customers. Las Vegas is becoming the new Hollywood and we’re ready to handle the region’s increasing demand for replication services.

“Our business is growing, and it just makes sense at this time to evolve into a one-stop facility,” continues Parham. “Las Vegas has a thriving music scene and a very creative environment. The vibe of Vegas will greatly shape and influence the work that comes out of the new plant.”

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