Online Extras for May 2006


May 2006

The pages of Mix come alive with sights and sounds. Each month, we'll enhance selected stories with bonus material—from audio clips, extended interviews and photo galleries.

Gina Fant-Saez

There's much more to

producer Gina Fant-Saez,

and much more to her

than we could fit in print.
Read the entire text of
Michael Barbiero's interview,
and find out how you
can join the ranks
of these e-musicians.

Where's the Money Special Section

As always, Mix loves to hear from our readers about what they liked-and didn't like-about our articles. In this issue, we focus on finding the main revenue streams that are keeping the recording business alive. Click here to get more stats on where the money is flowing.

Field Test: Pro Tools HD 7

Solve the Pro Tools "labyrinth" with these extra screenshots to help you navigate through this HD 7 software upgrade.