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Opus 1 Music Library, Composer Inon Zur Agree on Licensing Deal

Opus 1 Music Library (www.opus1musiclibrary) has inked a new agreement with award-winning video game composer, Inon Zur (

Opus 1 Music Library (www.opus1musiclibrary) has inked a new agreement with award-winning video game composer, Inon Zur (

In what Opus 1 Music Library vice president Mitch Rabin calls “a nod toward the future,” Opus 1 will make Inon Zur compositions available to film and television producers via licensing through Opus 1 Music Library. Rabin says, “As the shape and scope of the music industry continues to change at a rapid pace, artists, composers and creators of music for film and television are turning to the lucrative field of video game compositions to increase their bottom line and generate additional revenue streams. Now, television and film producers can capitalize on the success and familiarity of these composers who have been instrumental in the success of these video games and the millions of units that have been sold.”

Rabin added, “Television and film producers are constantly in search of an edge to capture the youth market. Through Inon Zur’s signature style compositions and sound, young viewers will instantly equate the sounds they hear on the TV screen with which they are familiar from repeated exposure in their favorite video games. We feel through Inon’s music, television and film producers will capture and help maintain that elusive teen and “tween” genre in film and television productions.”

Opus 1 reportedly made Zur the company’s first signing as a result of his career history. While original scores and music were once viewed as an afterthought in games, today, investing money into video game music has become a necessity. Rabin adds, “Today’s new breed of music composers are in high demand to create soundtracks as lively and lush as those within the movie industry.”

Zur brings his extensive experience to Opus 1; composing and producing award-winning dramatic music for film, television and video games, and conducting and recording live orchestra.

Zur’s credits include video game titles such as Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (UbiSoft), Men of Valor (Vivendi-Universal), Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (Atari), Starcraft: Ghost (Blizzard Entertainment), Champions of Norrath: Realms Of EverQuest (Sony Online Entertainment), SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALS (Sony Computer Entertainment) and Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (BioWare).