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Oram Launches Online Mastering Company

Legendary inventor and designer John Oram and fellow industry veteran and multi-Platinum selling record producer Ted Carfrae have established an online mastering company, Oram eMastering (OEM). OEM is designed to bring state-of-the-art mastering services to musicians, record producers, recording artists and record companies at affordable and competitive prices. Chief mastering engineer Carfrae brings almost 30 years of experience in the music industry to the new company.

“Today’s digital workstations are amazing, but they can’t successfully replicate real analog sound due to the limited harmonic bandwidth within the digital domain,” Carfrae says, “so the best results are reached by combining both analog and digital technology. John Oram’s Trident Audio and Oram Professional team are the award-winning designers and manufacturers of probably the best sounding analog equipment on the planet, and what makes Oram eMastering unique is that we only use Oram and Trident equipment in our signal processing, so our customers can rest assured of quality, knowing that their final master will truly ‘shine.’ I’ve worked with his designs in studios around the world. It simply has a sonic excellence not found in other brands.”

“This new venture represents further expansion within the professional recording industry, and is a natural forward leap for our studio,” Oram says. “The power of the Internet enables high-quality transfer rates and extends our service facilities globally. The opportunity to work with Ted Carfrae and his many connections is indeed a privilege.”

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