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Argosy Console 9050 Series

The Argosy 9050 Series console enclosure is designed specifically for Yamaha's new DM2000 digital mixer. The 9050 offers unprecedented comfort and ergonomic value with its deeper chassis design, full-length padded armrest, cable management, producer's space and built-in 19-inch racks. Argosy 9050 transforms the DM2000 into a full-featured console, making it the centerpiece of your control room.

Argosy Console Dual15K-S

Argosy Dual 15K-S digital workstation with adjustable controller platform features an adjustable platform accessory to cascade controllers and monitors conveniently over the keyboard to create the most versatile Dual workstation yet. The shelf accessory measures 34 inches deep, 31 inches wide (front), 48 inches wide (back) and adjusts in height from 4.5 to 7.5 inches. This adjustable platform accessory is available separately and can be used with your existing Dual15K model.
5687 Precision Court
Osage Beach, MO 65065
800/315-0878; fax 573/348-2769

AudiOtis Audio Console Flight Case System

AudiOtis introduces the advanced technology of the "state-of-the-art" Flight Case System. Our product is designed using the same state-of-the-art 3-D graphic design technology employed within the aerospace industry. Cases are manufactured using aluminum diamond plate with a welded aluminum frame. Consoles are supported on an aluminum sub-frame system that's supported on six shock-absorbing, gas-filled springs. Our $3,995 cases are half the weight and substantially stronger than the standard case.
256 S. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
310/617-0606; fax 310/455-4171

Aviom PMMD

Aviom's PMMD Personal Mixing and Distribution System lets performers adjust their own stereo monitor mixes, over the first LAN optimized for real-time multichannel digital audio transmission. Twenty-four-bit A/D converters packetize 16 audio channels to the rackmount A-16T transmitter and onto any number of 16-channel A-16 mixer units connected via readily available Cat-5 cable. The mixer's stereo output can drive in-ear monitors, amp/wedge combos, powered speakers or headphones (for studio use). Features include no perceptible latency and up to 330 feet between components.
810 Tremont Dr.
Downingtown, PA 19335
610/518-2232; fax 610/518-1245

CAIG Survival Kits

Be prepared, have a CAIG Surival Kit handy. Audio survival kits come complete with the popular ProGold, DeoxIT and CaiLube MCL products along with lint-free accessories. All kits are packaged in a handy carrying case. Products are designed to clean surfaces, improve conductivity and provide long-lasting protection from atmospheric contamination that silently attacks all metal electronic connections. Improve the performance and reliability of all of your audio/video/computer equipment.
12200 Thatcher Court
Poway, CA 92064
800/224-4123; fax 858/486-8398

Dupco CD3 Manual CD Overwrapper

Dupco manual overwrapping systems are designed to provide years of reliable operation. With the duplication industry growing rapidly and its focus turning to short-run packaging, these machines are built to accommodate short-run professional "folded-style" overwrapping. Unlike unsightly shrinkwrapping with rough edges and uneven seams, our overwrappers will wrap your product uniformly with a professional store-bought appearance at a fraction of the cost of automated hi-speed overwrappers.
68 H Stiles Rd.
Salem, NH 03079
603/890-0569; fax 603/898-4319

My Dog Rax Classic Rack

Why do all studio racks look like Darth Vader designed them? Return from the dark side with our new equipment racks built in a classic style. Available in a wide range of colors, including custom finished to your studio. There are 19- and 29-space models. My Dog Rax barks life into your room.
Box 9814
Newport Beach, CA 92658
310/621-8871; fax 413/208-5135

Music Row Technology Studio-Q

Studio-Q provides the ability to deliver four independent stereo mixes to individually amplified headphone stations with unprecedented audio quality. The master power supply/audio-distribution unit houses one stereo amplifier and powers up to 12 remote-amplified stations. A rotary switch on each station selects between four available mixes. Specs: 40 watts/channel, 4 ohms minimum load. Signal-to-noise ratio 111 dB. Frequency response: ±2 dB, 20-120k Hz. THD+N 0.0028%. Price: Master, six stations, stand adapters and cables: $2,995.
600 West Iris Dr.
Nashville, TN 37204
615/385-1613; fax 605/385-1614

Ultrasone HFI-650

These pro studio headphones suppress external noise and bleeding via a closed-construction design, yet offer a broad, detached 3-D hearing sensation. Thanks to the patented S-Logic sound system, the typical headphone sound feeling in the head left/right or "in-head-localization" belongs in the past. Once you try S-Logic, just trust your ears. Response: 15-25k Hz; 92dB SPL; two-year warranty.

Ultrasone HFI-2000

Our top-of-the-line HFI-2000 offers pro users wide-response (15 to 25k Hz), no-compromise, 3-D sound unlike any other headphones. The open, circumnaural design is ideal for control room monitoring, and its patented S-Logic sound system provides natural 3-D imaging that's unlike the typical headhone left/right or "in-head-localization." A two-year warranty is standard.
Ultrasone AG
Imp Thal 9
Penzberg, Germany 82377
(+4) 988/569-3660

Westone ES2 Elite Series In-Ear Monitor

The custom-fit Westone ES2 provides over 25 dB of ambient noise reduction. The dual-balanced armature design provides exceptional low-frequency response, clear mids and sizzling highs for sound that can be shaped to the user's personal preferences. Sensitivity: 119 dB/mW; frequency response: 20-18k Hz; impedance: 27 ohms; driver: dual-balanced armature drivers with passive crossover. Features: replaceable cable, one-year warranty, 25dB average acoustic separation. MSRP: $650/pair.

Westone UM1 Universal Series In-Ear Monitor

The single-armature Westone UM1 universal-fit monitor offers superior sound performance at an unprecedented low price and can provide up to 25 dB of onstage noise reduction. Used by top performers, the UM1 Universal Monitor is the most affordable in-ear monitor on the market. Available in clear, beige, brown and black. Sensitivity: 114dB/mW; frequency response: 40-16k Hz; impedance: 25 ohms; driver: balanced armature. Features: replaceable foam tips. MSRP: $139.99/pair.
2235 Executive Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80935
800/525-5071; fax 800/736-9576