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P.A. Monitor Systems 2019

Manufacturers are responding to the now-decade long boom in touring, not to mention the rise in permanent installations for event and corporate spaces

The first half of 2019 has seen a huge number of loudspeaker introductions across the board, from compact line array modules to all-new point-source speakers. Obviously, manufacturers are responding to the now-decade long boom in touring, not to mention the rise in permanent installations for event and corporate spaces. At least six models made their debut at InfoComm last month, and our Best of Show team was there to honor them.

Adamson S-Series Loudspeakers

At Prolight + Sound in March, Adamson Systems Engineering launched four new additions to the S-Series—the S7, S118, S7p and S10p—all aimed at use in corporate, HOW, theater and live music applications. The S7 is a full-range (80 Hz to 18 kHz) line array cabinet constructed from marine-grade birch plywood. The driver complement includes two of Adamson’s ND7-LM16 7-inch Kevlar Neodymium LF transducers and one NH3-8 3-inch diaphragm HF driver, with a nominal dispersion pattern of 100 x 12.5 degrees. Designed as a companion to the S7, the S118 subwoofer features a lightweight, long-excursion, 18-inch ND18-S Kevlar Neodymium LF driver and a 4-inch voice coil for high power handling (up to 2,000 watts peak) and SPLs up to 133 dB.

BOSE ArenaMatch Arrays and Utilities

ArenaMatch arrays incorporate Bose DeltaQ technology that allows directivity, or “Q,” to vary in each module to more precisely match coverage to audience area. With nine coverage patterns available, designers can choose from modules with 10-, 20- or 40-degree vertical coverage and easily swap between 60-, 80- or 100-degree horizontal waveguides—even in already-assembled arrays—to adjust horizontal coverage and create asymmetrical patterns where needed. A 14-inch neodymium woofer and six Bose EMB2S titanium-diaphragm neodymium compression drivers in each module deliver superior intelligibility. ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers, meanwhile, are built for zone-fill coverage or high-SPL foreground music. They have the same EMB2S compression driver as ArenaMatch arrays, and the same IP55 weather rating.

Clair Brothers C10-TrueFit

The new C10-TrueFit represents the latest double 10-inch format midsize line array and an industry first in integration optimization. Clair TrueFit waveguides are singularly configured, continuously variable waveguides designed-to-order. The C10, like the C12 and C8, also features a new transducer technology that offers significant weight reduction, and a reduction in amplifier channel requirements, which enhance the ability for the line array to be digitally beam-steered in the vertical plane with F.I.R. processing. The standard C10 factory waveguide is 100° H x 15° V, but a range of horizontal waveguides between 70° and 120° (in 10° increments) are also available.

d&b Audiotechnik A-Series

The all-new A-Series introduces d&b’s advanced waveguide design combined with flexible splay angles to address a wide range of medium size applications where the highest levels of coverage flexibility are paramount. Realizing all the adaptability of a point source cluster with the extensive control options of a d&b line array, the system comprises the AL60 and AL90 loudspeakers. Both share a passive two-way design featuring one 1.4-inch exit HF compression driver with a 3-inch diaphragm mounted to a waveshaping device, and two 10-inch neodymium LF drivers. The combination of sophisticated waveguide design and the symmetrical dipolar arrangement of the LF drivers allows a smooth overlap of the adjacent frequency bands in the crossover design. The wave segments of each cabinet couple without gaps and sum up coherently.

Electro-Voice MFX Multi-Function Monitors

Electro-Voice’s new MFX Multi-Function Monitors—MFX-12MC and MFX-15MC—are passive 12-inch and 15-inch two-way coaxial monitors intended to complement the X-Line Advance line array models X1, X2, X12-128 and X12-125F, as well as their corresponding installation versions. Coaxially aligned HF and LF transducers have been matched with a new EV-engineered Constant-Directivity waveguide and new crossover design. Coverage in monitor orientation is 40°H x 60°V. The dimensions and location of the waveguide interact with the woofer to essentially create a bipole output, aiding coverage control through the midrange frequencies. Both models can be deployed in passive or bi-amp configuration, and can be optimized for different uses via DSP settings in the amps.

L-Acoustics ARCS Loudspeakers

The new ARCS A15 and A10 systems and companion sub KS21 are aimed squarely at audiences from 50 to 5,000, with a compact format that offers unlimited versatility and ease of use. The family comprises four constant curvature enclosures—A15 Focus, A15 Wide, A10 Focus, A10 Wide—and a dedicated subwoofer, KS21. The flexible coverage options achieve a throw of up to 45 meters, and a maximum output of 144 dB. Each LA4X amplification channel pairs with one A15, one A10, or one KS21.

Mackie DRM Series Loudspeakers

It was a big NAMM Show for Mackie in January with the introduction of an all-new flagship: DRM professional powered loudspeakers, packed with up to 2,300W of power, cutting-edge DSP and built-in full color displays. Models include the 1,600W 12-inch DRM212, 1,600W 15-inch DRM215, 2,300W 15-inch 3-Way DRM315, 2,000W 12-inch DRM12A Array and 2,000W 18-inch DRM18S subwoofer; all models are also available in passive boxes. At the heart of every DRM Series loudspeaker is Mackie’s Advanced Impulse DSP module that feature precision crossovers, transducer time alignment and meticulously tuned FIR filters.

Martin Audio WPS Line Array

The WPS is a three-way passive design with a frequency response ranging from 70 Hz to 18,000 Hz (±3 dB). It can produce a maximum SPL of 133 dB. Each WPS cabinet incorporates two 8-inch LF drivers, four 4-inch midrange drivers, and four 1-inch exit HF compression drivers loaded with a molded horn that spans the entire width of the enclosure, creating a 100-degree horizontal pattern with constant directivity. Vertical coverage is 10 degrees. To increase efficiency, the 4-inch midrange drivers are compression loaded; they enter the horn walls through annular slots enabling them to sum effectively with the high-frequency wavefront. Martin Audio’s iKON iK42 Class-D amplifier can power up to three WPS cabinets per amp channel, with system control via Martin Audio VU-NET.

Meyer Sound ULTRA-X40

Drawing from the proven design approach of LEO Family loudspeakers, the ULTRA-X40 employs a concentric driver configuration with dual 8-inch neodymium magnet cone drivers coupled to a low-mid waveguide surrounding the single 3-inch high-frequency compression driver. The 110° x 50° constant-Q HF horn is easily field rotatable, and working in concert with the concentric design it ensures that the full bandwidth coverage pattern will be uniform with either horizontal or vertical orientation. Preliminary performance specifications include an operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 18 kHz, with linear peak SPL of 130.5 dB measured with M-Noise and 128 dB with pink noise. Highly refined signal processing with advanced phase alignment circuits results in phase response of ± 45° from 100 Hz to 16 kHz.


NEXO has introduced the P12 multi-purpose loudspeaker, the company’s first 12-inch enclosure. Inside the curvilinear enclosure of custom birch and poplar plywood, the P12 employs a purpose-designed 12-inch LF Neodymium driver and 3-inch HF driver in a coaxial configuration. Frequency response is 60 Hz – 20 kHz, and the SPL is an impressive 138 dB Peak (passive)/140 dB Peak (active mode.

In an innovative design twist, horn flanges can be interchanged to deliver a variety of coverage patterns, switchable within 15 seconds, by easily removing the steel grille with a coin and replacing the flare. To partner with the P12, NEXO is launching the L15 subwoofer cabinet, specially designed in a matching footprint to make it ideal for flown applications or for use as a drumfill.

Renkus-Heinz ICL-X Series

The new ICL-X Series was designed to be a complete, integrated system, offering two combinable steered-array modules, the ICL-X and ICL-XL, and two matching subwoofers, the ICL-XS and ICL-X-118S. Each incorporates Renkus-Heinz’s exclusive Acoustic Source Multiplier waveguide, enabling the HF section to be coaxially mounted in front of the LF section. This coaxial design delivers unparalleled consistency in high and low frequencies across the entire length of the array. Units can be deployed in arrays up to 12 modules tall to create a powerful, ultra-high-directivity system with steerability down to 100 Hz or lower.

Yamaha DXRmkII Loudspeakers

In April, Yamaha announced the DXRmkII series of powered loudspeakers—DXR15mkII, DXR12mkII, DXR10mkII and DXR8mkII. A joint effort with the engineering team at NEXO, the DXRmkII models have a larger, 1.75-inch voice coil HF compression driver and precise amp tuning. All models feature proprietary Yamaha FIR-X tuning, using linear phase FIR filters for the crossover. All models also feature D-CONTOUR dynamic multiband processing for clear, powerful and consistent sound regardless of how hard they are driven. D-CONTOUR provides two settings—FOH/MAIN or MONITOR mode—optimally set to the application.