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Paragon Studios Helps Aspiring Filmmakers

Paragon Studios of Franklin, Tenn. is supporting film students who participated in the 2006 48 Hour Film Project in Nashville. For student groups that demonstrated excellence in short film production while adhering to the 48-hour deadline, Paragon Studios is providing access to the studio’s world-class facilities and highly skilled staff.

Anonymous Productions, winners of the Best Overall Film Award for its work on Pay Day, will receive $5,000 worth of audio post-production time at Paragon. Additionally, the festival’s top four Audience Award winners will each receive $1,000 in audio post time at Paragon. This year’s Audience Award winners were: International Hamdogglin’ for Depantstipation Proclamation; Future Pants and Paramour Pictures for Good Cop, Bad Cop; Radiate Films for Taken; and South Eastern Eating Conference for Believism.

“Our sponsorship in the 48 Hour Film Project gives us the opportunity to work with peers in the picture industry, and invest in the futures of tomorrow’s filmmakers,” stated Eric Elwell, studio manager for Paragon Studios. “It is with great pleasure that we offer our resources to these fine, talented individuals. By empowering them to pursue their dreams, we are also preserving the integrity of the film industry.”

The national 48 Hour Film Project festival was established in 2001 by a team of DC filmmakers led by Mark Ruppert and Liz Langston, and is held each year to advance the career paths of current and aspiring filmmakers. Enforcing a tight deadline of 48 hours, contestants must demonstrate the ability to blend creativity while working as a team in a time sensitive circumstance.

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