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Peavey Announces MuseBox Sound, Effects Module

Peavey Electronics announces that its new MuseBox, developed in collaboration with Muse Research, is now available from dealers throughout North America. MuseBox ($1,400 MSRP; $1,000 street) offers an extensive library of studio-quality sounds and effects for electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, vocals, and drums, and runs them in a compact package made of steel and aluminum.

MuseBox ships with more than 4GB of virtual instruments and effects, including an assortment of essential keyboard sounds, reverbs, chorus, compressors and more from Universons, Wave Arts, AAS, Camel Audio, ForeFront, MuTech and others, as well as Peavey’s ReValver amp modeling software. MuseBox can also process effects for front-of-house and monitors.

MuseBox’s I/O options include stereo, 24-bit/48 kHz ¼-inch rear panel inputs and outputs, as well as two front panel guitar/mic inputs with phantom power, and MIDI and USB keyboard inputs.

A SoundFinder feature lets users browse through different categories of sounds or effects, and select any one of the thousands of factory presets by turning a knob and pressing a button. Users can also combine different sounds or effects and save them as user presets that can be quickly recalled from the front panel or by connecting a footswitch to the back of the unit.

Users can connect a VGA monitor, mouse and keyboard directly to the unit to operate its DuoHost graphical user interface. MuseBox also has a CF-expansion card slot on the rear panel for adding new virtual instruments and effects as they become available from Muse Research.

Find more information about the MuseBox, including a list of features, specifications and presets.

Watch the video “MuseBox Guitar Overview.”