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Peavey Updates XR Series Mixers

Peavey introduces its new XR Series powered mixer design with the XR 8600 and 8300 models. The portable mixers are designed for clubs, rehearsal rooms, schools and houses of worship, and offer DSP effects, dual power amps, rugged casing and exclusive technologies.

The XR 8600 and 8300 feature low-noise mic preamps, a subsonic filter for preventing low-frequency problems and multi-point clip sampling. Both new XR models use two power amps that can run in parallel in Dual Main mode—making their full power available to the main output—or used independently in Main/Mon mode.

Two dedicated 7-band graphic equalizers—one each for mains and monitors, with patented FLS (Feedback Locating System) algorithms on both—feature multi-Q bandwidths to bring enhanced definition to the low frequencies and assist the FLS algorithm in identifying feedback. In the DSP section, a suite of vocal enhancers, delays, reverbs and other effects with parameter control are assignable to each input channel, as well as the main and monitor output, via independent level controls.

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