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Phonic Announces Major Firmware Update to Summit Digital Mixer

Phonic has released a major upgrade for its Summit digital mixing console that offers performance enhancements for the unit’s reverb effects and dynamic processors, and also upgrades its link and delay functions.

The Phonic Summit Digital Mixer now features a “panning link” function in the pair/link menu, which enables users to select individual, gang and inverse-gang panning modes. The individual mode allows users to adjust panning independently, even when channels are paired. Gang mode allows users to adjust two paired channels in unison, while inverse-gang allows users to control two paired channels in unison while moving in opposite directions.

The delay function now features a mode that allows users to switch the adjustable delay parameter between time (milliseconds) and distance (in either meters or feet). To make the distance setting more accurate, users are able to adjust the current room temperature to better calculate the delay time required.

The firmware update also involves the dynamics, effects (reverbs in particular), EQ and channel aux sends.  Further details can be found in the release notes that accompany the firmware update file.

Phonic states, “To perform this firmware update, place the file named ‘summit,’ which is found within the downloaded firmware update archive onto a FAT-32 formatted SD card. Ensure that the ‘summit’ file is the only file on the SD card and place the card into Summit’s SD card slot. Enter the ‘Setup’ menu and select the ‘Update’ tab. Select ‘OK’ to perform a full system update from the SD card.”

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