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Plugin Alliance Announces The Big 4 Bundle, Free Plug-Ins

SPL’s Free Ranger plug-in

U.S.–based pro audio plug-in company Plugin Alliance LLC announces the BIG 4 Bundle—which comprises four pivotal plug-ins from Alliance members Brainworx, elysia, SPL, and Vertigo Sound —plus four free plug-ins from fellow Alliance members for anyone who opens a free Plugin Alliance account as of January 13, 2012: Brainworx’s bx_cleansweep, Brainworx’s bx_solo, elysia’s niveau filter and SPL’s Free Ranger.

Available in 64- and 32-bit versions, the Big 4 Bundle can be purchased and downloaded in all Mac OS X, Windows, and VENUE formats (VST 2.4, VST 2.3, RTAS, AU, AAX) for $777.

The Big 4 Bundle includes Brainworx’s bx_XL M/S Mastering Limiter a low-latency mastering plug-in designed to keep mixes loud and clear (undistorted) by internally converting stereo signals into M (mid/sum) and S (side/difference) signals and splitting the M channel into high- and low-frequency bands, allowing users to limit and level three individual channels to increase loudness and drastically improve stereo mix clarity (with fewer distortion artifacts while maintaining more “punch”).

elysia alpha compressor plug-in

elysia’ alpha compressor plug-in emulates the sound of the German pro audio hardware specialist’s mastering compressor, and includes an integrated M/S matrix, sidechain filter, parallel compression, signal matrix, soft clip limiter, and more.

SPL’s Passeq passive EQ, an Analog Code plug-in, has 12 switchable frequencies per band—36 boost and 36 cut frequencies in total.

The VSC-2, Vertigo’s first plug-in made in close collaboration with Brainworx, captures the nuances of the German pro audio manufacturing venture’s $6,000 USD flagship Quad Discrete VCA Compressor, which has four hand built VCAs using only discrete components.

Visit Plugin Alliance’s Website to purchase the Big 4 Bundle.

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