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PMC Unveils ALM2 Active Reference Monitor

PMC announces that its new ALM2 active reference monitor ($TBA) is now shipping within North America. The AML2 measures 15.75×7.87×12.48 inches (HxWxD), inherits the company’s AML Series design and adds an EQ tilt, an enhanced power supply and a revised cabinet structure with additional internal damping. It offers a dual-driver layout with a stated crossover frequency of 1.4 kHz.

Key design features include a PMC 6.5-inch/16.5cm. flat piston woofer constructed from a carbon fiber/Nomex honeycomb that allows for large, controlled linear excursions and promises linear response down to 33 Hz. The PMC 1.3-inch/34mm soft-dome tweeter with acoustic lens is said to provide a wide, stable image. PMC states that it licensed the ALM2 amplifier’s true analog circuit design from Bryston.

PMC will show the ALM2 with other PMC products at the 129th AES Convention in San Francisco from November 5-7, 2010.

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