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PMI Appoints Manny LaCarrubba as Chief Engineer

PMI (Performance Media Industries) appointed Manny LaCarrubba (pictured) as chief engineer. He will be based in PMI’s Novato, Calif. headquarters. With more than 20 years in the professional audio space, LaCarrubba brings to PMI extensive experience in acoustics, music production, audio technology, and business acumen.

Leading PMI’s engineering team, LaCarrubba is responsible for expanding and improving its methodologies and technologies for the engineering and specification of high-end residential and commercial spaces, recording studios and venues.

LaCarrubba has worked in the music industry as a recording engineer, and in the semi-conductor industry as a consulting technology engineer specializing in noise and vibration control. In the late 1990s, he founded Sausalito Audio to commercialize patents related to loudspeaker design, and to produce advanced audio and architectural loudspeaker systems for custom installation.

For 10 years, LaCarrubba was a staff and chief engineer at famed Sausalito recording studio, The Plant. His music engineering credits include tracks and albums for Santana, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Kenny G, Mariah Carey, and many more. He also designed some of The Plant’s seminal recording rooms.

“I am elated that Manny is now heading up our engineering team,” says Anthony Grimani, PMI president. “His can-do spirit, solid technical skills, and years of experience will propel PMI a great leap forward in what we offer to our customers, and to the industry.”

LaCarrubba has served as an acoustical consultant providing services in room design, acoustical treatments, electrical and audio wiring design, sound transmission control, and custom furniture design. His unique perspective on architectural acoustics comes from many years of study and work with loudspeaker/room interactions, combined with music production in rooms he has designed with loudspeakers of his own design.

LaCarrubba earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Tonmeister Studies from State University of New York at Fredonia. He holds several patents related to loudspeaker engineering, all of which have been integrated into commercial products manufactured by Bang & Olufsen of Denmark. LaCarrubba is a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES). He is featured in videos produced by Secrets of the Pros in which he teaches studio design, acoustics, and recording and mixing techniques.

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