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Poetic License: Ode to the Equalizer

Recording Engineer Michael Golub Poem About Equalizers in Mix magazine October 2011 Issue

O equalizer, equalizer, with frequencies of three /

Your highs your mids your lows, you mean the world to me. /
Hark! a precious sound, just waved past microphone /
Alone I shall not leave you, I must rebuild your tone./
I boost you in the midrange, I boost you up on top /
I boost the sound I boosted, I boost until I drop. /
I boost the lows to meet yon highs a mighty 10 dB /
I boost and it gets louder, and loud sounds best to me. /
And tho all sounds flow through the air, and beg me to get goosed /
I had a novel, new idea of what replaces boost. /
Take all this boosting action and hear me when I say /
You might just try subtraction and take some sound away.
Michael Golub is a 30-year recording engineer in New York City