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Post Facility POP Sound Upgrades Studio C

Post-production facility POP Sound in Santa Monica, Calif. has unveiled its newly upgraded Studio C, which features the talents of mixer Stephen Dickson (pictured), as well as a new Digidesign ICON mixing console capable of mixing up to 7.1-channel surround.

“When we decided to move Studio C to a complete Pro Tools-based system, we knew we wanted to do it right,” says POP Sound executive producer Susie Boyajan. “With the ICON control surface, as well as a host of other upgrades in the room, we now have a state-of-the art studio that offers increased compatibility with our clients’ elements, and a more efficient and creative workspace.”

In Studio C, Dickson completed two Super Bowl commercials for Taco Bell and Bud Light. “The new Pro Tools installation gives me the flexibility to handle many more tracks than I could before,” he says. “It also makes it faster and easier to do multiple versions of the same spot. I am loving the increased speed of importing and processing files, as well as the acoustic improvements.”

The recently completed Studio C upgrade project is the first in a series of major refurbishments to the five commercial post-production studios at POP Sound. In Studio C, the engineering team installed a Digidesign ICON D Control 32-fader console with Surround Panner and Pro Tools HD5 Accel. The system includes plug-ins by Digidesign, Waves and TC Electronic providing dynamics, equalization, reverb, pitch correction, spatial imaging and up-conversion from stereo to 5.1.

Also installed is an auxiliary Digidesign Pro Tools HD2 Accel system with a Digidesign Command|8 control surface, AMS Neve 8801 Channel Strips for recording voice-overs, and a sophisticated multi-format surround sound audio monitoring system based on Adam Audio S3A and A7 active loudspeakers, Bag End subwoofer and BSS Soundweb London DSP technology.

In addition to the mixing system, the studio features new video ingest and playback systems using Miranda and Apple hardware. Apple Final Cut Studio 2 allows video capture and editing, as well as QuickTime and DVD creation. Video is provided by Sony HD and SD video display systems. New custom studio furniture by Laguna Designs rounds out the room upgrade. In addition, the studio incorporates non-toxic natural cotton-based insulation materials and new wall upholstery.

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