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Post:Op in Dallas Signs Editor José Luis Amador

José Luis Amador

Veteran commercial editor, producer, documentary filmmaker and musician José Luis Amador (pictured) of Miami has signed with Post:Op, a full-service post-production studio in Dallas that designs, edits and creates moving imagery and digital content, and composes original music and sound for commercials, shorts and features. Doug Bryan, owner and creative director of Post:Op, states that Amador will bring valuable experience working on commercial spots for both Spanish- and English-speaking markets.

“José Luis and I share an interest in the synergy of image and sound,” Bryan says. “His youthful enthusiasm for the audio/visual experience in whatever form it may take is infectious and palpable. He has a wonderful editorial reel but his skills as a filmmaker caught the eye of our executive producer, Diana Schroeder, as well. When I saw his work and then found out he was a musician, too, I knew he was perfect for Post:Op. The fact that he’s bilingual, funny, and an overall nice guy is just the proverbial icing. I’m proud to have him be part of our team.”

Amador brings 12 years of experience working on behalf of consumer brands for agencies in Miami and Los Angeles, including five years with Accent Marketing editing commercial spots for Alltel, General Motors, Kaiser Permanente, U.S. Navy, American Heart Association and the U.S. government.

“Dallas is so musical; I look forward to documenting the artists here in Texas and working on more commercial spots and documentaries,” Amador says. “It is great to be a part of a commercial film house that has such a genuine love for music.”

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