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PowerFX Releases ‘All Them Beats’ Rhythm Library

PowerFX, an online distributor of loops and samples, unveils All Them Beats ($69), which packages more than 430 MIDI rhythm and beat files, and more than 1,000 ACIDized WAV loops and REX files. The library organized into three categories, including Regional, which features Brazilian, African, European and other regional beats; Genres, which showcases jazz, rock, country and blues styles (Chicago shuffle, Texas shuffle); and Greatest Breaks, which includes “Funky Drummer,” the “Amen Break” and “Walk This Way,” among others.

All MIDI files were recorded live with a Roland V-Drum kit, assigned to General MIDI files and exported as loops using representative samples of each style, to be accessible to users with or without drum libraries. Each beat is assigned to a MIDI file with a short text description to make it simple to audition beats.

All Them Beats also features a bonus selection of drum loops culled from PowerFX’s award-winning samples. Users can choose acoustic beats and grooves in various styles, such as the “original Motown Beat” played by Motown drummer “Pistol” Allen, or master funk drummer Jabo Starks, as well as country, blues, rock and world beats, and electronic and hip-hop loops.

This collection of samples and rhythms is intended for musicians, producers, DJs, composers and engineers who own multi-sample drum libraries and drum software such as Toontrack EZdrummer, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, FXpansion BFD or Cakewalk Session Drummer.

All Them Beats is available from and can be purchased as a downloadable package or on DVD. The MIDI files are also available as a separate download $39. For more information, visit