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Powersoft Amplifiers Installed in Music Hall in Worpswede, Germany

Powersoft—a leading manufacturer of single-rackspace amplifiers headquartered in Florence, Italy, with offices in Ventura, Calif.—announces that its K3 and M50Q DSP+ETH amplifiers were recently installed at the Music Hall in Worpswede, Germany. Worpswede is a small village that has been hosting a lively artistic community since the end of the 19th century.

Powersoft K3 and M50Q DSP+ETH drive the house system at the Music Hall Worpswede. 

The Music Hall is situated in a building dating back to 1870 that was originally designed for live events. Since then it has changed hands a number of times while retaining its primary use as a performance venue. It has been known as the Music Hall since 1993 and has hosted performances by John Mayall, Al Di Meola and Robert Cray, among others.

Joerg Mohn and Raymond Hassfeld, sound system managers at the Music Hall, recently decided to upgrade the Kling & Freitag house system with Powersoft amplifiers.

“When deciding which amplifiers would best replace our old gear, we were looking for two things: great sounding amps and something that was going to be technically future-proof,” explains Joerg Mohr. “For that reason we needed something with internal DSP functionality, as well as remote control and monitoring capabilities.

“Powersoft amps fit the bill perfectly. We were simply amazed by the output these guys can fit into a single rack unit. I’m not only referring to the K3s that we use for the FOH P.A., but also the M50Qs that drive the floor monitors. Eight monitor channels at a maximum power of 1,250 watts in only two rack units—how cool is that?

“The quality, functionality and green-conscious design of Powersoft products were only part of the story. The great support from the guys at Trius Vertrieb in Ibbenbueren really completed the positive experience. In the not-so-distant future we plan to replace the amplifiers powering near-fills and delays with Powersoft units, too. When we are done we will end up with one amp rack instead of the three we had before.”

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