ART A/D MIC PRE/DI BOX ART's ( DI/O Preamp System is a combined microphone preamp/DI box offering simultaneous operation to analog


ART's ( DI/O Preamp System is a combinedmicrophone preamp/DI box offering simultaneous operation to analogand digital outputs, including S/PDIF, TOSLINK or ADAT. Sample rateis adjustable from 44.1-96 kHz; the system also syncs to ADAT orexternal wordclock. An insert loop provides access for additionalsignal processing or direct A/D converter access. Variable ValveVoicing in the mic pre's 12AX7A gain stage presents various tubevoicings tailored to vocals, guitar, bass and acoustic instruments.Two analog meters monitor levels, while an output limiter controlsovershoots and normalizes levels before digital clipping.Price:$319.
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Speck Electronics ( is shipping the Model ASCsingle-channel, 4-band parametric equalizer. The ASC features-12dB/+6dB front panel gain control and 12 controls forequalization adjustment that covers the audio spectrum from 20-25kHz. Designed for recording studios, touring sound systems andcommercial installations, the ASC offers +28dBu headroom andexceptional audio specifications. The rear panel has both XLR andTRS inputs and transformer-balanced outputs. Price: $645.
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The Studio Series ST2 from Crest Audio ( is a2-channel voice processor with mic/line preamp sections, 4-bandparametric EQ and tube-sound processing for each channel. The twochannels can be mixed on the stereo bus or sent in mono to theirrespective outputs. Inputs are XLR and ¼-inch, and the micinputs offer a 20dB pad, polarity reverse, +48V phantom power and ahighpass filter. EQ is high- and low-shelving sections and twofully parametric mid filters. Also featured are 10-segment LEDmeters, direct (pre-pan) unbalanced outputs and unbalanced I/Oinserts for more processing. Price: $699.
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The JD7 Injector from Radial Engineering ( isa guitar signal distribution/routing system housed in asingle-rackspace enclosure. Providing inputs for two guitars (witha selectable 8dB pad on Input A for matching levels amonghumbucking and single-coil pickups), the JD7 has seven discreteoutputs, two of which are equipped with effects pedal loops. Output7 offers both guitar level (TRS) and balanced mic level (XLR)outputs for direct recording of the “dry” signal. Theunit also includes Jensen transformers. Price: $700.
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Rolls ( debuts the CL151 GLC single-channelcompressor/limiter with mic preamp and noise gate. I/Os include XLRand unbalanced ¼-inch inputs, unbalanced ¼-inch outputand ¼-inch sidechain insert. The soft-knee compressor hasthreshold and ratio controls; gate threshold and release times arealso adjustable. The CL151 GLC can be used as stand-alone ormounted in a rack tray with similar units. Price: $120.
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The Megger CLM200 from Biddle Instruments (dist. by JensenTools, is a handheld unit that measures thelength of telecommunications, data, audio and power cables, whetheron drums, in cut lengths or already installed. The CLM200 willmeasure up to 6,000 feet and detects opens and shorts, providingdistance to the fault. Any cable type can be measured, and the unitis preprogrammed to measure 26 different standard cablesaccurately. Connectors are male and female BNC, with a suppliedalligator clip adapter.
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Frontier Electronics' SurgeX ( division debutsthe SX1115 Series of rackmount surge suppressors/powerconditioners, available with six switched and two unswitched ACreceptacles on the rear panel. The $459 SX1115RL has a dimmercontrol with connectors for Littlite gooseneck lamps, while the$499 SX1115R and SX1115RT models offer an additional unswitchedfront panel outlet. The RT includes a remote turn-on function and aPhoenix connector for interfacing to sequential power-up/-downcontrollers such as the SurgeX SX2120 SEQ.
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Summit Audio ( has introduced the TD-100tube direct box. Featuring a 12AX7A/ECC83 tube circuit, the TD-100also includes a variable input impedance (loading) control formatching instrument output to input impedance. With output signalavailable at mic or line-level, the unit may be used as aninstrument preamp or, with 600-ohm headphones, as a practice amp.The half-rack unit includes polarity reverse and ground liftswitches, level and peak-hold LEDs and an internal power supply.Outputs are balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS. Price: $495.
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Noren Products ( offers the Acoustilockfanless cabinet, which isolates noisy equipment within anacoustically sealed and vibration-damped cabinet and dissipatesequipment-generated heat passively. Two models provide up to 600watts of waste heat dissipation and 32.5 dBA of noisereduction.
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Samson ( intros its S-Class rackmountprocessors with five models, including three dynamic processors(two 2-channel and one 4-channel) offeringExpander/Gate/Compressor/Limiter functions, a 4-channel headphoneamp and a three-way stereo/four-way mono crossover. Prices rangefrom $220 to $290.
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Dolby Laboratories ( is now shipping the DP570Multichannel Audio Tool, a cost-effective, 2U rackspace unit thatsimplifies the process of monitoring multichannel audio andcreating Dolby Digital metadata. The DP570 provides separatemultichannel, stereo and mono outputs for feeding three sets ofmonitor speakers and allows the user to hear the effect of metadatain real time, while preparing soundtracks for ultimate delivery asDolby Digital bitstreams. An 8-channel router can reconfigureprogram material in nonstandard track formats, and additionalfeatures include reference-quality, 24-bit, D/A converters andflexible Ethernet, RS-485 and GPI/O control. The unit features bothdigital and analog outputs, along with a metadata output suitablefor connection to a DP569 Dolby Digital encoder or DP571 Dolby Eencoder. The DP570's price is $6,495; a version that ships withoutthe Cat. No. 548 Analog Option Card is $4,995.
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The Soundman OKM II stereo microphone (dist. by IndependentAudio, is designed to be worn as an“earbud” headset, allowing for natural binaural stereorecordings of music, sound effects and interviews. Available inhigh-SPL versions and with either mic or line-level outputs, theOKM II is priced between $155 and $395.
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ProDesk ( offers a line of modular furniture foraudio and video workstations, project studio mixers andcomputer-based music systems. Several basic configurations areoffered, and the modular systems are easily combined or extendedfor larger work surfaces. Features include black melamine finish,overbridge shelves for audio and video monitors, and a built-in 12U(21-inch) rack on most models, with other rack versionsavailable.
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Lucid ( has introduced four digital audiodistribution amplifiers. The AES×4 receives either Word Clockor AES audio and distributes it to four AES-connected units. TheCLK×6 passes sync information, in Word Clock or Superclockformat, to six parallel outputs. The SPDIF×7 accepts S/PDIFstereo audio and feeds it to four S/PDIF and two TOSLINK opticaloutputs and also to one AES output. Distribution in multipleformats is simultaneous. The GEN×6 can distribute Word Clockor Superclock to six BNC outputs; the unit can also be used as astandalone clock source, generating Word Clock or Superclock at44.1 or 48 kHz. The Lucid DAs are priced at under $600.
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MBHO (dist. by Music Trade Center, offers theMBNM 608 Lollypop multipattern condenser microphone. Offering aselection of cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8 patterns, the608's capsule design features a double diaphragm, gold-sputteredmembrane and a brass back plate. Frequency response is 5-20k Hz;max SPL is 133 dB.
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Now shipping: Dynaudio Acoustics' BM5.1A Complete 5.1 MixingSystem consists of five matched BM6A powered near-field monitorsand a BX30 subwoofer. Retail is $9,497. Visit for more…MarantzProfessional's CDR631 CD-R/RW recorder ($749) and $849 CDR500CD-R/RW recorder/player support CD-Text generation, accept multipledisc formats, offer front panel record level and balance control,and include pro analog and digital I/O. SCMS copy protection can bebypassed when duplicating a disc, and the CDR500's stand-alone2× Duplicator function makes digital copies without A/Dresampling. Check out…CoolBreeze Systems Interactive Pro Tools Training CSi Vol. 5 is aCD-ROM course on the new features in Pro Tools 5, including morethan 40 movie tutorials covering topics such as the Smart Tool,MIDI Controls and Loop Recording. For more info, go…German loudspeaker manufacturer KS isnow represented in the U.S. by CAP Audio Professional( KS offers a full range of studio monitors,including the FIRTEC™ ActiveProfessional Studio Monitor System, which features 32-bit DSPtechnology…Primacoustic acoustic treatment kits are designedfor modifying and correcting room acoustics, by addressing a rangeof common acoustic problems. The foam wedges, tiles and panels maybe purchased as kits or combined in custom configurations asrequired. Click on…New offerings from DSSound-ware include The “Ultimate Timpani Upgrade,” sixCDs of a set of Hinger Touch Tone timpani played with five mallettypes at eight velocity levels. Files include right/left hand hits,rolls with release triggers programmed for realistic roll endings,crescendo/decrescendo rolls and hand muffled strikes. The“Marimba and Vibraphone Library” is a two-CD set with aMarimba One five-octave rosewood marimba and Musser Gold Centuryvibes. Marimba patches include four sets of mallets, strikes,rolls, muted strikes and rattan handle strikes. Vibe patchesinclude three velocity strikes, pedal up strikes, bowed vibes andthree selectable motor speeds. Visit…Just announced: a 25%price reduction for Lucid's SRC-9624 High Definition Sample RateConverter. Now $1,499, the unit locks to all sample rates between32 and 100 kHz, including varispeed and common pull-up andpull-down rates and offers I/O connections for 96kHz audio. Drop…Comprehensive Video Group's latest productguide has more than 150 pages of product descriptions and specs,with sections on cables, connectors, patchbays, distributionamplifiers, switchers, processors and production accessories.…AKMSemiconductor's high-performance 24-bit, 192kHz 2-channel A/Dconverter chip offers 123dB dynamic range. Pin-compatible withprevious AKM converters, the AK5394 has 128× oversampling,fully differential inputs, 24-bit digital filter and strongresistance to jitter. Click on