TLA 82 TUBE MIXER British tube specialist TL Audio (distributed by HHB, offers the M3 TubeTracker, a small-format, 82 tube mixer that's
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British tube specialist TL Audio (distributed by HHB, offers the M3 TubeTracker, a small-format, 8×2 tube mixer that's well-suited as a front end tube gain stage for digital recorders and DAWs. The M3 has eight discrete tube mic preamps, direct outputs, 4-band EQ with sweepable mids, PFL, two aux sends, stereo returns, and a flexible master section with a tube stage mix bus. An optional stereo digital output supports up to 24-bit/96kHz signals. Additional features include phantom power, illuminated VU meters, master controls for aux sends and returns, rackmount external power supply, Sovtek ECC83/12AX7A tubes and a link port for connecting multiple M3s.


Denon Electronics ( offers the DN-C550R dual-drive CD player/CD-R/CD-RW recorder, which can provide for CD and HDCD dubbing at either real-time or 2x speed. Drive 1 can be used as a dedicated playback deck for both pro and consumer CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and also supports playback of HDCD-encoded discs. Drive 2 can function as either a CD-R/CD-RW recorder, or as a second playback drive. Both drives feature digital and analog outputs with 24-bit D/A converters, both drives are PC/data disc compatible, and the analog and digital inputs to Drive 2 are SCMS-defeatable. Analog recordings inputs (balanced XLR) feature 24-bit A/D converters. Digital inputs are coaxial S/PDIF or optical, and the DN-C550R will convert 32kHz and 48kHz rates to 44.1kHz. A text input feature allows disc and track names to be entered for display on the unit's front panel. The unit offers several different recording and playback modes, including an auto-start function. The 2U rackmount unit is priced at $850.


M-Audio ( offers the Studiophile SP-5B, a bi-amped, powered compact monitor. Its 5.25-inch polypropylene cone woofer has a damped rubber surround, and the ported cabinet outputs frequencies as low as 30 Hz. A swivel-mounted, ¾-inch, silk-dome tweeter allows adjustment for various loudspeaker-mounting positions. Both drivers are mag-shielded. Two amplifiers deliver 40 watts to the bass/mid driver and 30 watts to the tweeter. Price: $399/pair.


Legacy Audio ( has developed the Helix digital speaker system, an 8-driver, four-way studio monitor with a frequency response of 16-25kHz (±0.5 dB) and a max output of 155dB SPL (@ 2.5kHz). Featuring a time-compensating digital crossover, Helix incorporates a single 1-inch, dual-diaphragm tweeter, six custom 6-inch midrange drivers, two 15-inch mid-woofers, a tri-coil 15-inch subwoofer and a 15-inch rear-firing “wave terminator” designed to cancel unwanted energy. Dimensions are 70.5×18.75×20 inches (H×W×D); weight is 280 pounds.


The Z-Tap rechargeable battery power system from Remote Audio ( can deliver 12 volts DC at up to 100 Amps/hour for DC-powered field recording equipment. The Nickel-Zinc Z-Tap outperforms a lead-acid battery by 3-to-1, with significantly longer battery life under continuous high-current conditions. With an estimated life of 10 years or 500 recharge cycles, the Z-Tap is immune to the “memory” effect and can be “topped-off” or partially charged. The unit includes detachable AC cord for the built-in charger and six 4-pin XLR power outlets protected by auto-resetting breakers. Price: $895; a carry case is optional.


Equi=Tech Corporation ( has upgraded all of its pro rackmount, balanced AC power line products. Equi=Tech's 2002 models feature new transformers with a reduced line impedance to improve current delivery for brighter, cleaner audio. Other new features include a more accurate 3-digit LED voltmeter on the front panel, a fail-safe non-GFCI twist-lock, and blue LED indicator lights.


Behringer's ( Powerplay Pro HA4600 is a one-rackspace unit with four independent stereo headphone amplifiers. Input/aux sections provide up to four stereo mixes. Each output section includes a 2-band EQ, stereo aux input, mono/stereo and left/right mute switches, balance and volume controls. A front panel direct in allows inserting an additional stereo signal source, and several headphone amps can be cascaded. LED output meters for each channel, and illuminated switches ease operation. I/O connections are servo-balanced, gold-plated XLR and ¼-inch TRS. Price: $125.


DPA ( offers the CXO4000 Compact XY and ORTF mic mount, designed specifically for mounting DPA Compact Cardioid microphones in either a coincident XY stereo configuration or a near-coincident ORTF configuration. The lightweight CXO4000 mounts on a single microphone stand and optional shock-mounts are available: the EXY4000 Extension for Compact Stereo Holders and the UA0897 Shock-Mount. The black anodized aluminum holder can hold four mics simultaneously for A/B comparison between XY and ORTF setups. ORTF applications include close miking pianos, overheads for drum kits, horn or string sections, choirs, ambient surround recordings, and as a main or additional spotpair for acoustic ensembles. Distributed in the U.S. by TGI North America Inc., the XY/ORTF mount is priced at $95.