TRIDENT SERIES 80-5.1 CONSOLE The latest console from Trident Audio (, the Series 80-5.1, is available in frame sizes from 24-


The latest console from Trident Audio (, the Series 80-5.1, isavailable in frame sizes from 24- to 72-channel and includes full5.1 mix and playback facilities. Based on the famous Series 80, theSeries 80-5.1 features John Oram-designed EQ and includes a stereoEQ and limiter/compressor for mastering direct from the two-mixbus. Options include a session controller and computer screen builtinto the console surface; the iZ RADAR™system may also be integrated. Prices range from £27,000 to£65,000.
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Bertsch Electronics ( offers theDPR32 32-track hard disk recorder withbuilt-in digital mixer. The rackmount unit is available in 16, 24and 32-input versions, with removable drives offering from 80-120GB of storage. Fully equipped, the unit is capable of up to 3.9hours of continuous 32-track recording at 24-bit/96kHz. Theintegrated studio-quality 36/8 digital mixer provides 3-band EQ andcomprehensive dynamic control on all channels and isMIDI-automatable. Features include nondestructive editing andarchiving capability to PC-compatible media. The unit will chase toSMPTE and includes Varispeed functions. Prices start at$4,000.
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Soundtracs ( has announced its new D4digital console, capable of 48- and 96kHz operation. Available insizes ranging from 16 motorized faders to 96, the D4 is capable ofproviding as many as 320 full-audio channels and 124 buses.Soundtracs' NETRACS allows multiple consoles to be linked, andMADITRACS provides for audio networking and system security.Featuring an ergonomically enhanced touchscreen worksurface, the D4can provide simultaneous stereo, LCRS, 5.1 and 7.1 outputs withdivergence. Tri-color, 106-segment LED Metering offers selectableballistic characteristics.
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Neumann ( now shipping its M150 tube condenser microphone. Modeled on thevintage M50, the M150 shares its classic predecessor's uniqueomni-directional characteristic but features lower self-noise (15dBA), a light-weight titanium membrane and capsule for goodtransient response and a transformerless tube amplifier based onthe award-winning M149 tube mic. The 12mm titanium diaphragmdelivers a smooth, extended frequency response, and the traditionalcapsule (a 40mm sphere) reproduces the M50's pickup pattern —circular at low frequencies and increasingly narrow up thespectrum. Specs include 119 dB of dynamic range and 134dB maximumSPL. The M150 is supplied with an elastic suspension bracket, powersupply, mic cable and aluminum carrying case. Stereo pairs bearingconsecutive serial numbers are also available.
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Euphonix ( released E-deck and Listen-In software applications. E-deckallows mix files to be recorded, encoded and uploaded to a secureserver on the Internet. Anyone with the appropriate password candownload and play the mix files, including 5.1 DVD-A mixes at full24-bit/96kHz resolution. Final mixes also can be moved directly toa record label for archiving and manufacturing. The Windows98/2000-compatible application accommodates a range of connectionspeeds, including compressed files suitable for transmission overdial-up or DSL lines, or uncompressed files for distribution overT1 or T3 lines. (Lower connection speeds are managed by WindowsMedia Audio compression.) E-deck also controls the Listen-Infunction, which allows remote monitoring of a live studio sessionin progress through password-protected software. E-deck/Listen-Inwill play all popular audio file formats, including Windows MediaAudio, MP3, .WAV and .AIFF.
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Yorkville Sound ( now offers a self-poweredversion of its YSM-1 studio monitor. The YSM-1P powered studiomonitor uses the same cabinet, 6.5-inch, dual-shielded, 100-wattwoofer and 1-inch silk-dome tweeter as the YSM-1, but alsoincorporates a bi-amped power module that delivers 70 watts to thewoofer and 30 watts to the tweeter, with less than 0.05% distortionat full power. Overall frequency response is 40-20k Hz, and DIPswitches on the back allow the monitor to be tuned for use againsta flat wall, in corners or centered in the room. The YSM-1P alsofeatures ±6dB input trim, a user-selectable high-frequencyfilter that provides +2dB boost between 10 and 20 kHz, a defeatablelimiter and specialized transducer-protection limiting. Frontstatus LEDs indicate power-on and input clip conditions. Inputs areXLR and ¼-inch TRS balanced. Price: $320 each.
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The DMD-1000P from Denon Electronics ( features an enhanced,dual-bit, Delta-Sigma, 20-bit, A/D converter with 64x oversampling.The rackmount unit offers sample rates of 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz. D/Aconversion is via Denon's Advanced Super Linear Converter.Additional features include remote control, quick start andauto-recording level, multiple editing features and a Disc Recoveryfunction that helps restore lost recording time on frequentlyedited discs. Inputs are mono/stereo-selectable and include S/PDIF(optical and co-ax) and analog connections; outputs are S/PDIFoptical or analog. Price: $599.
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TL Audio ( intros the FAT 2 Valve FrontEnd, a combination of a mono version of the FAT 1 valve compressorand a high-quality, onboard, discrete tube mic preamp offering mic,instrument and line inputs. Compression threshold, ratio, attack,release and hard/soft knee controls are all adjustable in Manualmode, and the FAT 2 also offers 15 preset compression settings,including five vocal programs. Additional features include phantompower, a 90Hz low-cut filter on the mic input and a large backlitVU meter showing gain reduction or output level. The desktop FAT 2(half-rack format, 3U) may be rackmounted with the optional FatRackkit.
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Sennheiser has introduced the MD-46 handheld cardioid interviewmicrophone, a product developed for and tested at the 2000 SydneyOlympics. Features include a traditional long handle, excellentwind attenuation, superior off-axis rejection, extended HF responseand a rugged design. An Omni version is under development.
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Otari Corporation ( has launched the FS-96 format andsample rate converter. Designed to speed and simplify multitracktransfers between different digital audio platforms, the unitsupports all of the common formats, including AES3 (AES/EBU),TDIF-1, ADAT (optical) and SDIF-2, with optional MADI and IEEE 1394connections for future networking capability. The FS-96 converts upto 24 channels of 24-bit audio at sample rates of up to 96 kHz, andmultiple units can be linked with sample-accurate synchronizationfor transfers requiring more than 24 channels. The FS-96 alsoconverts sample rates from 32 to 96k Hz and bit rates from 16 to24-bit, and vice versa. The FS-96 automatically detects theincoming format and sample rate, while making the output signalavailable to all supported formats. A built-in digital router makestrack assignment easy and offers 10 preset routing maps. Simplearrow keys provide easy access to all functions. Price is$4,995.
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Universal Audio has re-created the original 1176SA, anadapter that calibrates two mono UA 1176 Limiting Amplifiers forstereo operation. The small (4.25×2.5×1.75-inch) deviceis compatible with both new and vintage models and includes atwo-year battery. Price is $99. Surf to for more details…Sennheiser's “The Handy Guide to Evolution WirelessSystems” is a 32-page overview and application primerfor Sennheiser's evolution wireless mic systems. Call 860/434-9190or go to www.evolutionmics.comfor a free copy… Transamerica AG now distributes theAudio Engineering Associates R-44 studio ribbon microphone, ahand-made “reissue” of the venerated RCA 44. orwww.aea.comThe2001 edition of the Texas Music Industry Directory lists11,800 Texas music business contacts and also includes sections onmusic events, classical music and college courses. The guide isavailable for $20 from the Texas Music Office. Call 512/463-6666 orvisit Edge has released Lon Bender's Wacky World of Robots,Widgets and Gizmos, a collection of 450 of the AcademyAward-winning sound designer's favorite noises. Call 800/292-3755or visit www.hollywoodedge.comHafler hasredesigned the TRM 8 and TRM 6 active reference monitors. Thenew TRM 8.1 and TRM 6.1 models, which are both magneticallyshielded, two-way powered systems, sport vinyl clad enclosures fora more professional appearance. Hafler's TRM Series subwoofers havebeen similarly upgraded; new models are designated the TRM 10.1sand TRM 12.1s… BGW is seeking AES standardization for itsfaastLink™ specification, a technology that providesperformance monitoring capabilities via a DB15 (standard VGA)female connector, which also serves as a one-piece inputconnection. Call 310/973-8090 or visit www.bgw.comCanford has redesignedits full color catalog and has implemented a new computersystem to track demand and keep appropriate stock levels. Among the500 new lines added to “The Source” are the full ASCand EMO ranges, plus Canare's range of co-ax connectors and cables.Visit Incorporated has purchased the Popper Stopper™brand of studio pop filters from Middle Atlantic Products Inc., andwill offer them as accessories for Shure's KSM studio mics. Retailprice for the Shure Popper Stopper is $42. Call 847/866-2200 orvisit

Neumann has produced 500 limited-edition TLM103“Monolith” microphones. Finished in a “pianoblack” glossy lacquer, the mics have been given serialnumbers 20001 through 20499 and will only be available throughauthorized U.S. dealers.