TC M300 DUAL-ENGINE PROCESSOR TC Electronic's ( M300 Dual-Engine Processor combines a dedicated stereo reverb with a multi-effects


TC Electronic's ( M300 Dual-Engine Processor combines a dedicated stereo reverb with a multi-effects engine. Available effects include flange, phase, tremolo, delays and reverbs, with 256 factory presets and 99 user memories, all selectable via the front panel or MIDI. Additional features include 24-bit AD/DA conversion with a 24-bit S/PDIF input, MIDI In/Out, MIDI clock tempo sync, pedal control of tap tempo and global bypass. The built-in power supply adapts to any AC voltage. Price: $299.


Russian microphone manufacturer Oktava ( has introduced the ML52, a true ribbon microphone featuring a double-ribbon filament and a fixed figure-8 pattern that is almost completely uniform at all frequencies. The Oktava ML52 is suitable for use in any situation where a warm, rounded sound is desired, and adds sparkle to string and brass instruments with a smooth vocal sound. Frequency response is 20-20k Hz and max SPL @ 1 kHz is 135 dB. MSRP: $799.


The PD16 USB/MIDI Pad Control Surface from Akai Professional ( is a self-contained unit that connects to computers and samplers via USB and/or MIDI. Features include 16 MPC-spec pressure/velocity-sensitive drum pads that generate note-on with velocity when tapped, a Bank key that switches between two separate banks of sounds and a fader that outputs MIDI control changes. Parameter settings, such as MIDI Note Assign, MIDI Channel, MIDI Control Change, etc., can be assigned from the computer via USB. The PD16 is powered via a computer's USB port or an included AC adapter, and a supplied PC/Mac CD-ROM contains pad setups and driver software.


Primacoustic (, the acoustical division of CableTek Electronics, offers Freeport!™, a highly effective absorbent acoustical panel designed for temporary or low-cost acoustical correction. This sturdy, lightweight portable system features Primafoam™ high-density, open-cell, fire-retardant acoustical foam for maximum absorbency. Each Freeport! panel section measures 24×48 inches (W×H), and is height-adjustable from 5-6 feet high.


The PreSonus ( GTX44 4-Channel Frequency-Dependent Gate/Expander uses a digital sidechain processor to control gating/expansion while maintaining a high-quality analog signal path. Adjustable gate parameters include attack, release, hold time and range, with a variable ratio control on the expander section and ducking on each channel. Adjacent channels of the GTX44 can be linked. Rear panel I/Os include XLR and ¼-inch TRS. Additional features include +4/-10 switching, a key input for externally triggered gating and a Flip button that reverses TRS polarity. Price: $599.95.


Midiman/M-Audio's ( Studiophile SP-8B are bi-amped reference monitors featuring an 8-inch woofer and a swivel-mounted, 1-inch silk tweeter that allows users to adjust imaging. Additional features include Ferrofluid cooling and magnetic shielding. The SP-8B has an extended frequency response of 33-22k Hz. MSRP for the SP-8B is $599.95/pair. The optional SP-8B subwoofer has an 8-inch woofer driven by an onboard 120-watt amp and M-Audio's Stereo Bass Management System. The SP-8S is $499.95.


TL Audio ( has replaced its Ivory Series product range, first introduced in 1998, with the new Ivory 2 Series: the 5001 Quad Valve Preamp (shown), 5013 Dual Valve Equaliser, 5021 Dual Valve Compressor, 5051 Mono Valve Processor, and the 5050 Mono Mic Preamp and Compressor. Key improvements include optional 24-bit S/PDIF digital outs (44.1/48kHz selectable) and a wordclock input. In addition, there is a new discrete mic preamp design for the 5001, 5051 and 5050, which also includes a 30dB pad switch and added hard- and soft-knee compression modes on the 5021, 5051 and 5050. All models offer improved line-level noise performance and enhanced levels of valve drive.


MoPADS from Auralex Acoustics Inc. ( provide sonic isolation between monitors and speaker stands/meter bridges/shelving/etc., improving the monitoring system's accuracy. Each set of MoPADs includes four MoPAD monitor stands and four wedge adjusters, enough for a pair of monitors. The MoPAD Wedge Adjusters can tilt the monitor to four positions: 4° or 8° or flat (0° tilt). MoPADS can also be used to isolate CD burners, turntables and other delicate electronics from vibration.


Yamaha ( reintroduces the PC Power Amplifier Series with two high-output models, the PC9500N (925 watts per channel) and the PC4800N (475 watts per channel). Based on Yamaha's energy efficient EEEngine technology, the amps offer high output with low power consumption. The two-rackspace amps have 31-step detented level controls, 10-point LED metering, dual variable-speed fans, and XLR/Euro-Block/Speakon connections. Options include a security cover and Yamaha's mLan or CobraNet™ networking.


The Applied Research and Technology ( HQ 31 is a 31-band EQ with Feedback Detection Circuitry™, a set of LED indicators that show which EQ band has the greatest energy. Features include 45mm center-detent sliders with selectable boost/cut range of 6 or 12 dB, and balanced XLR, ¼-inch and unbalanced RCA I/O connections. Additional features are high/lowpass filters, analog level-metering, variable input controls, signal-clip level indicators, ground-lift switch, internal power supply and selectable line voltage. Price is $299.


Designed for archiving/restoration, Esoteric Sound's ( Rondine 3 is a 12-speed turntable that provides 33, 45 and 78 rpm and nine other fixed speeds. Featuring a low-mass Rek-O-Kut TranScribe arm for audiophile performance, the unit will play discs up to 17 inches in diameter, and accepts standard cartridge head shells. Features include a low rumble belt drive system and vibration-absorbent feet. A Super Strobe feature ensures that speeds from 16.7 to 90 rpm are accurate. Price: $1,200.