DCS 992 MASTER CLOCK dCS (dist. by Independent Audio, debuts the latest version of the dCS 992 master clock. The new 992 supports


dCS (dist. by Independent Audio, debuts the latest version of the dCS 992 master clock. The new 992 supports system sample rates from 11.025 to 192 kHz, or DSD via four independent AES reference outputs and six independent pairs of BNC outputs. The unit offers “Superclock” rates of up to 256 Fs, can generate all commonly used sample rates and outputs up to 10 different sample rates simultaneously, all phase-locked together. The dCS 992 can be controlled via the front panel or via a Windows-based remote-control program, and the relative phase of each output can be adjusted in steps of 1/128 of a sample, up to ±1 sample. The unit can operate as a master clock or can slave to an external source, and will maintain the external source frequency, even if interrupted.


The XPM-3000 from Gemini Sound ( is a 3-channel MOSFET power amp with two main channels and a subwoofer channel with switchable LF boost. Incorporating a two-way Linkwitz-Riley crossover and comprehensive speaker protection circuitry, the XPM-3000 has active balanced inputs and both Neutrik Speakon and five-way binding post outputs. A post-crossover line out can be used for driving additional subwoofers. Additional features include an oversized torroidal transformer, input ground lift switch and two-speed dual fan control, all in a 2U, steel-reinforced chassis.


Martinsound ( intros MonitorMAX and PanMAX, which add surround functionality to existing consoles and DAWs. The MonitorMAX Stereo Monitor Controller adds multiple stereo-source monitor selection and talkback capabilities to existing mix environments, either as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with the MultiMAX EX Multiformat Monitor Controller. Ten stereo sources, eight at +4 dB and two at -10 dB, may be selected to separate cue and monitor outputs. Sensitivity of the two -10dB inputs can be adjusted over an 18dB gain range in 1dB increments. A third stereo output can feed MultiMAX or a pair of external meters. The PanMAX Automated Surround Panner lets users make repeatable dynamic sound motion and parameter changes, and is configurable with single or multiple remote controllers. Each remote provides automated control of divergence, stereo width and surround panning through three faders and a joystick. SMPTE-lock permits frame-accurate replay of the recorded movements. The 2-channel base system PanMAX offers eight outputs as standard, and is expandable to up to 16 input channels.


Benchmark Media Systems ( offers the DAC-104 4-channel, 24-bit/96kHz D/A converter for the Benchmark System 1000 audio card frame. The DAC-104 provides up to four channels of 24-bit, 96kHz D/A conversion, and offers two balanced audio outputs per channel with adjustable output levels; a 12-card frame will house 48 channels with 96 analog outs. The DAC-104 accepts inputs at any sample rate from 28 to 108 kHz and has a THD+N of 0.00079% at -3 dBFS. Benchmark's UltraLock Technology™ provides total jitter immunity (-100 dB @ 1 kHz, -160 dB @ 10 kHz). Additional features include auto-detection and processing of pre-emphasized digital audio, jumper selection of discrete stereo, matrix stereo (L+R and L-R), polarity inversion and mono sum on all outputs. Output level controls at the front card edge provide an output adjustment range of +7.5 dBu to +27.5 dBu at 0 dBFS. LEDs indicate power, error and range conditions. Price is $1,295.


DPA Microphones ( offers the CXO4000 mic holder for stereo-mounting DPAs type 4021, 4022 and 4023s Compact Cardioid mics. The CXO4000 holder enables the cardioid mics to be mounted in either a coincident XY stereo configuration or a near-coincident ORTF combined time and intensity difference stereo configuration. The ORTF stereo technique provides a wider stereo image than XY stereo, yet still preserves a reasonable amount of mono information. Using four mics, it is possible to use the CXO4000 for both XY and ORTF configurations simultaneously to compare the setups or to record both stereo formats. The CXO4000 can also be used for a surround sound mic setup.


Crown Audio's ( Power-Tech.1 Series of 2-channel amps feature a two-rackspace design. The Power-Tech 1.1 ($869) delivers 305 watts/channel @ 4 ohms (600W bridged mono); the Power-Tech 2.1 ($999) outputs 460 W/channel into 4 ohms (910W bridged mono); and the Power-Tech 3.1 ($1,299) provides 760 W/channel at 4 ohms or 1,525W bridged mono. All models have recessed level controls, signal presence and IOC (Input/Output Comparator) indicators, ODEP (Output Device Emulation Protection) circuitry, balanced ¼-inch TRS and XLR inputs, five-way touch-proof binding posts and forced air cooling.


PreSonus ( offers the DigiTube Mic Preamp, a single-channel tube preamp with EQ section and 24-bit digital output. The tube preamp accepts mic/line and instrument inputs via an XLR/TRS combo connector, and offers 70 dB of gain. The 3-band sweepable EQ section offers overlapping EQ bands and a Bypass switch. A ¼-inch TRS insert point allows outboard processors to be patched into the signal chain. Analog outputs are XLR and TRS, and a coaxial S/PDIF 24-bit output provides digital output at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates. Price is $299.95; a rack adapter is optional.


The Lc4.75 Monitor Speaker System from Westlake Audio ( is an extremely compact, passive, two-way system. Featuring a bass-reflex enclosure, each Lc4.75 includes a 4-inch woofer with a ¾-inch soft dome tweeter. Frequency response is 65-20k Hz, and the Lc4.75's extensively dampened cabinet design results in high resolution, low noise floor and low distortion. Sensitivity is 85 dB @ 1 m for 2.83V input, and the unit handles up to 100 watts. Additional features include a hand-built crossover and point-to-point wiring. The Lc4.75 measures 5.5×12×7.25 inches (W×H×D) and weighs 12 pounds. Price: $899/pair.


CyClone ( has introduced a new line of pro CD duplication products offering new DVD duplication technology and higher CD copying speeds. The first of its kind, the CyClone DVD.10 FireWire DVD-R duplicator supports 10 DVD-R recorders in one unit, duplicating up to 10 4.7GB single-sided DVD discs in just over 30 minutes. The CyClone XT.10 CD duplication unit has 10 24x FireWire CD recorders; the CyClone XT.30 is a 16x FireWire version of CyClone's popular T30 30-disc CD duplicator and can copy more than 400 CDs per hour. Cyclone XT.10 and XT.30 workstations can perform direct disc copies, perfect disc imaging to file, ISO mastering, and audio disc creation from .WAV or MP3 files. Several recording jobs can be prepared and run simultaneously, or queued and run sequentially.


Bryston's ( PowerPac 250 is a modular, single-channel power amp that delivers 250 watts (8 ohms) or 400 W (4 ohms). Essentially a mono version of the Bryston 4B-ST stereo amp, the PowerPac 250 is designed for use as a portable power amp that can be directly attached to the rear of a loudspeaker or nearby wall, resulting in very short speaker leads and an improved loudspeaker/amplifier interface. Additional features include balanced/unbalanced operation, ground lift switch, level control adjustment, gold-plated five-way banana jack, and RCA and XLR connectors.


Earthworks ( offers the Sigma Six Point Two, a precision, passive, two-way, near-to-mid-field monitor. Frequency response is flat from below 40 Hz to beyond 40 kHz, while impulse response and performance in the time domain are close to ideal. Earthworks carefully selects and precision-integrates the components to create matched pairs.