SCHOEPS POLARFLEX MIC SYSTEM Schoeps (now distributed by Redding Audio, 203/270-1808) is shipping its Polarflex Microphone System, which combines a DSP


Schoeps (now distributed by Redding Audio, 203/270-1808) isshipping its Polarflex Microphone System, which combines a DSPprocessor paired with two omni and two figure-8 (or four cardioid)capsules to emulate the sound of nearly any microphone. Polarflexcan be used conventionally — like any stereo mic — orthe signals from the four capsules can be recorded separately andcombined after the recording, with processing handled in the analogor digital domain, giving the user full control over reverberantambience, directional characteristics and tonal shaping.
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The IntelliDAC 9616 from Apogee Electronics( is a 16-channel, 24-bit, D/A convertercapable of operating at sample rates of up to 96 kHz. Theconverters can source their digital input from AES/EBU, ADAToptical or TDIF signals, and the unit can sync to wordclock or aspecified input. ADAT and TDIF inputs are organized into two groupsof eight, and channels 1-8 and 9-16 can accept different sources.Individual channel gain is digitally adjustable, and balancedanalog outputs are supplied in groups of eight on 25 pin Dconnectors. (Pinout is the same as for other Apogee D/A convertersand the Tascam standard.) An “intelligent” two-stagereclocking system de-jitters both incoming clock and data, and thesystem is capable of correcting phase errors between synchronousdigital sources of up to 150°.
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The Truth B2031 bi-amplified studio reference monitor fromBehringer ( are sold in hand-matched pairs for$799/pair. Featuring a 150-watt, 8.75-inch, long-throw woofer witha polycarbonate diaphragm and a rugged cast-aluminum chassis, plusa 75-watt, 1-inch, Ferrofluid-cooled tweeter, the Truth B2031offers a frequency response from 50-20k Hz and is fully shielded.Features include adjustable low-frequency roll-off, roomcompensation adjustment, peak limiter protection circuitry, Mutefunctions and automatic stand-by switching. Inputs areservo-balanced, ¼-inch TRS and XLR connectors.
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Alesis ( adds three amps to its RA range: theRA150 ($259), the RA300 ($359) and the RA500 ($459). Housed in aheavy-duty steel chassis, each model features detented front panellevel controls, overload/protect indicators, bridged mono operationand relay-controlled turn on/off. The DC-coupled, fullycomplementary discrete amp topology features dual-differentialinput stages and uses noiseless convection cooling. Inputs arebalanced ¼-inch and RCA-type; outputs are dual-binding posts.RA300 and RA500 models offer XLR-input connectors and bar graphmetering.
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The SCX-25 from Audix ( is a studio condensermic with a new suspension-mounting system that effectively isolatesthe capsule from the housing and electronics. This both minimizesreflective surfaces and maximizes phase coherence, whileeliminating the need for an external shock-mount. Featuring a 25mm,gold-sputtered diaphragm, 135dB SPL handling, a 20-20k Hz responseand a low-noise preamp design, the SCX-25 provides a wide cardioidpattern and an “open” sound usually only found in muchlarger (and more expensive) classic microphones. The mic requiresstandard 48-52V phantom power, measures 5.5 inches in length andweighs 8 ounces. Price: $799.
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The VP-1 Tube Processor from TL Audio (distributed by HHB, combines a pentode preamp, 4-band parametric EQ,compressor, expander/gate, de-esser and peak limiter. The VP-1features a Siemens EF86/6267 pentode in the front end of thepreamp, followed by six Sovtek ECC83/12AX7A stages in the secondarystage of the preamp, compressor and four in the EQ section. Thepreamp stage accepts mic, instrument and line inputs and has a 30dBpad, phase reverse and a variable highpass filter. Thetransformer-balanced mic input offers a choice of tube or Class-Asignal paths. The compressor offers both hard and soft kneecharacteristics and a choice of tube or optical compression stages.Additional features include stereo link facility, optionalwordclock input and AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outs. Price:$2,699.
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DPA Microphones ( offers itslarge-diaphragm condenser mics as a stereo kit, including a stereoboom, stereo mic preamp, all necessary cables and accessories— packaged in a Samsonite briefcase. The complete A-B StereoKit has two matched omni Type 4041 mics with 130V preamps andself-noise matched to within 1 dB. Frequency response is 10-20k Hzwith a 4-6dB soft boost around 8 kHz; peak SPL handling is 144 dB.The modular mics can be used with either the 3532-S solid-statepreamp or the 3532-T, with a pentode vacuum tube preamp driven as acathode follower in a unity gain, Class-A design. Both systemsoffer low noise: 7 dBA for the 4041-S and 10 dBA for the4041-T.
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CAD Professional Microphones ( offers the M9large-diaphragm tube condenser model. This cardioid studio micfeatures a 1.1-inch (inside diameter), gold-sputtered capsule and awide dynamic range, low-noise head amp circuit based on a 12AX7tube. The output stage is a high-speed dual op amp in a balanceddifferential configuration. Frequency response is 10-20k Hz, with aslight rising response characteristic at 15 kHz. Switches on themic body engage a highpass filter and a -20dB pad. The M9 issupplied with a swivel mount, dedicated power supply (no phantompower needed), a 30-foot, 7-conductor mic cable and rugged carryingcase. Price: $499.
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The new Series 80 dual-classic channel module from Trident-MTA,distributed by Fletcher Electro-acoustics (, isbased on the famed Trident Series 80 console, introduced over 20years ago. Designed by Trident founder Malcolm Toft, the new Series80 is a dual-channel, fully discrete mic/line preamp and two bandsof EQ per channel with sweepable center frequencies, plus2-position high- and low-shelving filters and a 50Hz highpassfilter. Additional features include 48V phantom power, polarityreverse, an EQ in/out switch and independent output level controls.Price: $2,499.
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A supplier of high-quality speakers in Europe for more than 20years, KS products are now available in the USA (distributed by CAPAudio, Its line of powered monitors range fromthe 6.5-inch/two-way ADM 4 near-fields to the massive, tri-ampedADM 1, which are capable of 125dB SPLs and feature analog andAES/EBU digital inputs. The ADM 2s shown here offer analog anddigital interfacing, 300 watts of internal bi-amplification and afrequency response of 38-20k Hz.
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The MBC-603A from MBHO (distributed by MTC-MBHO U.S. at718/963-2777) is similar to its MBP-603 miniature condenser mic,but includes a 9-foot extension cable, useful in recording andbroadcast applications where traditional mic placement techniquesare unsuitable. The MBC-603A features transformerless circuitry andsmooth on-/off-axis frequency response. Price of the preamp andextension cable is $382. Small-diaphragm capsules — soldseparately — list between $237 and $281.
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Z-Systems Audio Engineering ( announces thez-link96 and z-link96+ miniature sample rate converters. Both unitssupport up to 24-bit digital audio at sample rates up to 96 kHz,and both allow output word length to be set at 16- or 24-bits.Dynamic range is greater than 120 dB, and THD+N is better than -115dB. Both the z-link96 and z-link96+ feature internal clockreferences that allow the units to generate 44.1/48/88.2/96kHzoutput sample rates internally, and the z-link96+ can besynchronized to an external AES11 reference.
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Lexicon has announced a major software upgrade for the 960LDigital Effects System. Available free to 960L system owners,Version 2 (V.2) software adds support for a second reverb card,doubling the system's DSP horsepower, support for 16 channels ofI/O and several new Lexicon presets. Additional features of V.2software include both global mix control and global I/O control(allowing users to override individual mix settings), enhancedinput metering, dual-LARC2 support and several new cascadedconfigurations, including mono in/stereo out configurations for96kHz operation. Call 781/280-0300 or surf to… Zero International's44-page 2001 catalog of door and window sealing solutions providesspecification guidance and full-size schematics for hundreds ofcomponents and integrated systems for blocking flames, smoke, air,light and sound. Call 800/635-5335 or click on… IndependentAudio has announced the FREQue II effects processor, featuringfully floating, balanced inputs and outputs, adjustable input gainand output wet/dry mixing. The unit offers an output frequencyrange from 1-55k Hz. For more information, call 207/773-2424 orvisit… GEPCO's 5596GFCSeries 100-ohm AES/EBU digital multipair cables feature a 12.3MHzbandwidth, ultra-low attenuation and jitter, mechanical stabilityand precision 110-ohm impedance. Available in 4/8/12-pairconfigurations, the 5596GFC is optimized for 96kHz bandwidthrequirements but is suitable for long runs in 44.1-/48kHzapplications. Cables feature color-coded and alphanumericallyprinted pair jackets, bonded foil shield and a flexible outerjacket. Visit…KK Audio studio furniture isdesigned to house workstations, compact mixers and rack equipment.The MAX D 8 ($1,195) is designed for the Mackie D8B, but can houseother compact consoles, such as the Yamaha 02R and Ramsa DA7. Theunit includes a monitor bridge, adjustable keyboard shelf and10-space rack. The MAX D 7 ($1,145) is designed specifically forthe Panasonic DA7. KK also offers video monitor and speaker stands.Call 818/765-2921…Neutrik PatchLink SPL ¼-inch patchpanels require no soldering and feature individually replaceable PCcards. The modular 19-inch rackmount patch panel is fully PCB-wiredwithout nut fastening and features 48-balanced channels in onerackspace. The front and rear panels have two rows of 24 socketsfor mating with stereo phone plugs. Configurations can behalf-normaled or isolated. Accessories include individualsend/return split print modules and a Patch-Box with eightsend/return modules, a solution for console insert jacks thateliminates the need for specially wired Y-cables. Drop… Yamaha has discontinued its NS10M studiomonitor, in part because the wood pulp used in the woofer cone isno longer available. Long used as a reference standard in recordingfacilities worldwide, the NS10M was introduced in 1978. Yamaha saysreplacement drivers will be available for the foreseeable future,and remaining NS10M production for 2001 will be allocated accordingto dealer purchase levels of last year. Visit