RAVEN LABS TRUE BLUE EQ Raven Labs ( offers the True Blue EQ, a 5-band semi-parametric equalizer. Each of the five bands has its own


Raven Labs ( offers the True Blue EQ, a 5-band semi-parametric equalizer. Each of the five bands has its own level and frequency control, and the unit can provide up to 15 dB of cut or boost between 30-10k Hz. The bandwidths for Boost mode were chosen for “musicality” and are a function of frequency, while the Cut mode bandwidths are narrower and create a notch filter effect. Additional features include an EQ in/out switch, balanced TRS input and output jacks, and unbalanced ¼-inch input and output jacks. The True Blue operates on two 9-volt batteries (over 100 hours of battery life) or optional A/C adapter. The unit is covered by a three-year warranty. Price is $349.


The S20 from Trident Audio ( is a dual-input mic pre that provides two inputs per channel and a front panel input selector, allowing users to instantly compare two mics (or a mic and line source) on each channel. Each low-noise, wide-bandwidth mic pre can handle a gain swing from true unity to +60 dB without a pad. Separate front panel rotary pots and 12 LED meters aid in accurate gain adjustment, and a variable-sweep, low-cut control rolls off lows from 5-200 Hz. The anoprinted front panel also features individual polarity reverse and +48-volt phantom power switches. Designed by John Oram and made in England, the S20 is covered by a two-year limited warranty.


German microphone manufacturer MBHO ( now offers the Series 400 line of small-diaphragm condenser mics in the U.S. Both the MBNM 440 cardioid and the MBNM 410 omnidirectional models feature the company's propriety SMD technology, which offers improved on- and off-axis response, shorter signal routing and low current consumption. Each mic retails for $341.


Amphony ( has introduced its Model 1000 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Headphones, which can transmit sound over a range of 200 feet at true CD quality. Using proprietary technology, the Amphony 1000 operates without using audio compression and can transmit over 3 million bits per second (3 Mbps, 64x oversampling). The maximum transmitter operating range is 200 feet (line of sight) or 50 feet (through walls and ceilings), though transmitter range can be extended indefinitely with optional RangeBooster modules. The system includes a stationary transmitter with dual-RCA inputs (cable supplied), data output and AC power adapter. The companion headphones, which include a volume control and an on/off switch, are capable of a maximum SPL of 113 dB and can operate for up to 100 hours on two AA batteries. An error-correction mechanism ensures error-free reception, even under difficult conditions. Price is $129.


Yamaha Corporation ( has introduced the RS7000, a complete desktop studio that seamlessly integrates audio and MIDI data. The unit features 4 MB of onboard sampling memory (expandable to 64 MB), a 64-voice tone generator containing more than 1,000 onboard ROM-based synth voices, 63 drum kit sounds and six types of filters. An intuitive interface (including 18 assignable knobs and two pads) allows for real-time manipulation of sounds, samples and MIDI sequences. The RS7000 samples sounds from external sources, imports samples in a variety of formats, and re-samples internally sequenced sounds to create new audio loops and phrases. The Integrated Sampling Sequencer (ISS) features 16 MIDI or stereo audio tracks, 200,000 notes and up to 8,192 individual audio samples. The ISS can automatically break samples into discrete parts and generate a corresponding MIDI sequence, allowing audio beats of differing tempos to be synched together and processed under MIDI control. The RS7000 also offers three system effects, a separate Master effect with a multiband compressor, Slicer, Isolator and other DJ-style effects. The unit also features MIDI In, Out and Thru functions, a SCSI interface and SmartMedia card for convenient sample memory storage. Price is $1,795.


Drawmer ( has introduced the new DS501 Power Gate. Offering the first substantial refinement in gate technology for over a decade, the DS501 includes a new quick-release system that helps preserve percussion transients. Whereas older gates commonly employ slow attack times to prevent clicking and artifacts, the DS501 couples a frequency-tunable “high expander” to the same threshold as the gate, allowing for release times in the low milliseconds. The unit also employs many of the same features as its forerunner, the DS201, including two stereo-linkable or independent channels of frequency-conscious gating, and individual controls for attack speed, decay time, hold time, release time and downward gain range. Price is $900.


Acoustics First ( has redesigned its Art Diffusor Model E. The new Model E is made of EPS plastic and is based on the original Model W wood version. The diffuser is now manufactured with elements cut from discrete strips, a process that produces a solid unit and eliminates the internal cavity found in the earlier version. This provides performance characteristics that closely match those of the wood models, with no internal resonance, at a significantly less cost. The new models are available in painted “MultiSpec” finish and are also available in a range of colors. In addition to the new models, Acoustics First markets a full line of acoustical foams, wall fabrics, Fiberglas panels and barriers.


Lexicon ( has introduced the MPX-200, a stereo 24-bit digital rackmount processor that includes a newly designed digital compressor in addition to Reverb and Effects Processing functions. Powered by Lexicon's proprietary Lexichip™, the dual-channel MPX-200 features 24-bit AD/DA and offers 240 presets for reverb programs such as Ambience, Plate, Chamber and Inverse. Additional processing programs include Tremolo, Rotary, Chorus, Flange, Pitch, Detune, 5.5-second Delay and Echo. The MPX-200's front panel features all key function controls, including Input Level, Program Load, Program Edit, Compressor, Store, Multifunction Adjust, Bypass and Tempo Tap. LED displays indicate compression gain, input levels, and routing and edit parameters. The digital compressor is available in all 240 programs, including dual-path programs. MIDI control features include program change, MIDI bulk dump and a Learn mode that allows MIDI patching of the front panel controls. Other features include Bypass mode, musical instrument inputs, headphone output and a built-in power supply. Digital inputs and outputs are via S/PDIF connections (44.1 kHz). Price is $399.


Amek ( has introduced two new console lines, the Media 51 and the Galileo 360V. The 60-channel Media 51 is a large-frame, mid-priced analog console designed for recording facilities in the broadcast and post-production markets. The console features Supertrue™ V4 automation and is equipped to handle 5.1, 7.1, LCRS, LCRSS and stereo formats. The Galileo 360V is a multiformat production console intended to address the multichannel needs of post-production, film dubbing, music recording and broadcast.


E-mu ( has unveiled Version 3.0 software for its PARIS Pro digital audio workstation. Version 3.0 software features include 24-bit OMF file import/export, integrated MIDI support, a dedicated waveform editor and an intuitive user interface. The base PARIS Pro system includes a 16-channel control surface, modular expansion chassis, PCI card and true cross-platform Mac/PC software. Version 3.0 software adds full MIDI integration, and PARIS Pro also supports all VST™ and DirectX® plug-ins, in addition to hardware-based effects. PARIS Pro is expandable to up to 128 real-time tracks; users can add tracks to the base 16-channel system by installing additional PCI cards. In addition to hardware tracks, PARIS Pro 3.0 also gives the user unlimited native tracks.


Polar Focus ( offers the all-steel WM-2226-250 Zbeam Wall Mount. Intended as a companion to the Zbeam, the WM-2226-250 can be used to mount almost any speaker to Sheetrock™ walls reinforced with plywood, as well as concrete or cinder block walls. The WM-2226-250 also works in an inverted position, providing a wide range of installation options. Available in black and white, the WM-2226-250 can also be used as a mounting bracket for large video screens. Price is $490.


The ExactPower 2000 provides clean AC power for up to eight voltage-sensitive components via eight individual, rear panel, hospital-grade AC outlets. By means of a sophisticated differential comparator that monitors incoming AC power and compares it to an internal, amplitude-stabilized AC reference source, the ExactPower 2000 provides stable 120-volt output with up to 40 amps of peak current capability. With an operating efficiency of more than 90%, the ExactPower 2000 produces little heat, allowing for convenient placement. The shelf- or rackmountable unit weighs 40 pounds, measures 17×5.25×13.2 inches (W×H×D) and is priced direct at $2,495.