SSL MTP DIGITAL CONSOLE Solid State Logic ( has introduced the MT Production (MTP) Digital Console. Based on SSL's MT Plus in-line


Solid State Logic ( has introduced the MT Production (MTP) Digital Console. Based on SSL's MT Plus in-line digital console, the MTP features comprehensive control grouping, snapshot/reset capabilities, flexible subgroup busing and full multiformat surround sound capabilities. Featuring SSL's new HS Control Processor, the MTP has an in-line mixing architecture with simultaneous multichannel surround sound outputs. The configurable panning and output bus structure allow the 12 main mix buses to support two simultaneous but different output feeds, with both in 5.1 surround format. The NiTECH Super-Pre A/D input stage exceeds the performance of the SL 9000 J Series console. The new INFO Faders give visual and mechanical feedback of null points, and an alphanumeric display shows grouping, automation and system status. The system accepts an SVGA video input, and MTP users can access external workstations directly from the console's surface.


TC Electronic ( releases two new stereo algorithms for the System 6000. UnWrap automatically creates a 5.1 mix of stereo material, providing System 6000 users with both advanced up-conversion and down-conversion between stereo and 5.1 formats. VSS-4 offers a significantly enhanced stereo reverb and, like other algorithms in System 6000, operates at up to 96 kHz. A new AES-8 digital expansion card ($1,995) for System 6000 expands the Audio Mainframe to a maximum 16 AES/EBUI/Os, running at rates up to 96 kHz. In other System 6000 news, software Version 1.30 includes a new noise-reduction algorithm, improvements to the multichannel VSS-5.1 Reverb algorithm and support for multiple ICON controllers linked to the same Mainframe. For details and downloads, visit


Lucid ( is now shipping the SSG192 studio sync generator. Designed to provide comprehensive digital synchronization functions, the SSG192 can drive a studio via an internal clock set to any one of 11 standard frequencies (32-192 kHz) or via an external clock derived from wordclock, AES11 or video blackburst. Nine outputs include video sync, wordclock (four outputs), AES11 (two outputs), Digidesign's 256X Super-clock and Lucid's proprietary 1024X Ultraclock. The SSG192 supports NTSC 59.94 or PAL/SECAM 50Hz video formats with a front panel LED array that provides a simple calculation for all common pull-up/pull-down rates. The SSG192 is $1,799.


Ten years ago, Audio-Technica ( changed the studio mic market with its AT4033, a low-cost/high performance cardioid condenser that became a popular choice among top producers and engineers. Now, A-T marks the anniversary with the AT4033/SE, offering the same sound as the original, but in a special edition model with improved shockmount, a custom mic dust cover and wooden case.


Genex (distributed by HHB, offers the GX8500 multiformat disk recorder, which records in all existing digital audio formats, including the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) bitstream that is the basis for Super Audio CD (SACD). Said to be the only commercially available DSD-compatible recorder, the GX8500 is capable of 24-bit, 192kHz PCM performance and is able to record eight channels of DSD, storing a 5.1 and stereo mix of the same material. I/Os include AES/EBU, SDIF-2 and DSD, a SCSI interface and RS-422 and RS-232 ports. Additional features include word clock and timecode I/O, optional 5.2GB MO disk drive or fixed hard drive.


Benchmark Media Systems' ( 20 meter systems will include previously optional features at no charge. Both the dual-meter SPM-220 and three-meter SPM-320 feature true VU volume indicators with XLR loop-through inputs (balanced 100 kohm), BNC scope outputs for Lissajous monitoring and a high-output stereo headphone amp. Standard features include selectable VU or PPM metering on VU meters, selectable discrete stereo or matrix metering, and peak hold capability even in VU Metering mode. The SPM-320's third meter may be used with SCA or SAP, or internally assigned for continuous mono monitoring. Price of the stereo SPM-220 is $1,410; the three-meter SPM-320 is $1,865.


Logical Systems Inc. ( offers the LSI-MS97 Monitor Station, a stand-mounted mini-mixer that enables musicians to create and modify their own headphone mixes. Up to eight MS97 Monitor Stations are powerable from one LSI-DA-88 distribution amp. The MS97 has individual level controls for a mic, a mono/stereo instrument and four stereo line inputs. Mic and instrument signals may be split to the recording mixer via internal “direct boxes” and XLR outputs. Options include isolation transformers and an automatic stereo compressor/limiter with ratios ranging from 1:1 to 1:. Prices range from $329 for a single MS97-NL Monitor Station with two Output Direct Boxes to $599 for a system with Jensen transformers. The LSI-DA 4-input/8-group distribution amp is $389, and the DA-EXT 4-input/12-group DA is $349.


The DB8000s from CLM Dynamics ( is a rackmount unit with eight preamps for use with balanced mics or hi-Z direct inputs for instruments or line-level. Each preamp has a balanced direct out; two additional channel outs (+4 dBu/-10 dBV switchable) allow the DB8000s to be used as an active mic splitter. Each input features a 12-position gain control (up to +66dB gain) and switches for -20dB pad, phantom power, polarity reverse and an 80Hz HP filter. Composite digital outputs provide for direct-to-ADAT or hard disk recording, and each preamp has a variable threshold SoftStop™ overload protection limiter. Adjacent channels can be linked for M/S decoding, and the SoftStop limiters are linkable for stereo, M/S or surround sound operation. Metering is via peak-reading bar graphs with peak hold on each channel. Distributed in the U.S. by Wave Distribution (, the DB8000s is $2,295.


New SC2.10 software for the AMS Neve ( AudioFile SC high-speed editing system features DSP plug-ins and the ability to import Pro Tools session files, which can be rendered during import or converted to AudioFile real-time fades. Once imported, the data is presented as an AudioFile events list for playback or editing as desired. Time-based plug-ins include SuperTimeflex, pitch change, delay, delay with modulation, room echo and Doppler effects. Frequency-based plug-ins offer single and 4-band EQ with a choice of different algorithms. Creative plug-ins consist of a suite of creative sound effects, including ring modulation, resonance, multiband resonance, multiband frequency selective delay, distortion, harmonizer and feedback. Other new features of Version SC2.10 include user-created zones and events and the ability to transfer sound effects from the mSoft Serversound browser to the AudioFile.


Sennheiser ( offers the HD 280 pro headphone, a closed-back model that attenuates ambient noise up to 32 dB and provides an SPL of 102 dB (per IEC 268-7). Available in stereo and single-sided versions with a noise-compensated microphone for talkback applications, the headset has a frequency response of 8-25k Hz (-10 dB). Parts subject to wear and tear are replaceable.


Caig Laboratories ProGold GxL Contact/Connector Conditioning Treatment has an extended temperature range of -45°C to 400°C for use on all connectors and contacts, including edge connectors, plugs, sockets, switches and relays. Formulated for extreme temperatures, ProGold GxL deoxidizes and cleans surface contamination, penetrating plated surfaces, and molecularly bonds to the base metals. For more information, call 800/224-4123 or visit… Verbatim Corporation has introduced DataLifePlus 4.7GB rewritable DVD discs, re-recordable DVD-RW media that allows users to edit and incrementally update data on the discs. A single 4.7GB DVD-RW disc can store 4,700 full-color photos, two hours of theater-quality video, 14+ hours of MP3-compressed audio files or more than 400,000 documents. Verbatim's DVD-RW discs have a data life of more than 50 years, and users can overwrite the disc up to 1,000 times. Price is $30 for single-sided 4.7GB discs. Call 800/421-4188 or visit… Neutrik's EtherCon® Series RJ-45-style connectors are easy to assemble, accept all standard RJ-45 plugs, are Category 5 unshielded compliant and are compatible with 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX systems. Call 732/901-9488 or visit… Palmetto Logic Software offers the Sound Advice V. 2.0 audio-electronics reference tool for Palm OS-based handheld computers. With Sound Advice V. 2.0, users can quickly look up definitions for more than 200 audio terms and find answers to common audio problems. The software calculates power, current, resistance and voltage and converts among RMS, average and peak values. Registered users receive free upgrades for three years. Download a free 30-day trial at or…EMTEC Pro Media offers the Premium Audio Magneto-Optical Disk (MOD), which includes a certification routine that eliminates “re-tries” when data blocks cannot be written immediately. This feature is particularly necessary in real-time recording applications where interruptions of the data stream are unacceptable. For more info, call 888/295-5551 or visit… Middle Atlantic Products S24DG isolation rack is a 24-space equipment rack that is lined with absorptive material and includes gasketed front and rear doors for optimum sound insulation. Additional features include a built-in quiet fan and filter. Call 973/839-1011 or visit… The 2001 AVAS/VIP catalog has 200 pages of audio and video products, including presentation systems, mics, wireless systems, speakers, headphones and amps. Call 800/631-0868 or visit The 2001 Comprehensive Video Catalog has an extensive listing of cables, connectors, distribution amplifiers and switchers. Call 800/526-0242 or visit… Gepco International has introduced its next generation of 110-ohm AES/EBU digital audio multipair cable. Optimized for 96kHz bandwidth requirements, the 5596GFC Series transmits all formats of AES3 digital audio and is available in 4/8/12-pair configurations. Call 800/966-0069 or visit… The Hollywood Edge has released The Sentinel Vault Archives, an 8-CD collection of sound effects originally created for award-winning films by director Francis Ford Coppola, including Apocalypse Now, The Black Stallion and Tucker. Divided into 10 categories (Exterior Backgrounds, Interior Backgrounds, Walla, etc.), the collection has been gleaned from the extensive American Zoetrope archives. Call 323/603-3226 or visit