HOT OFF THE SHELF The DAW Buyers Guide (ISBN 1-901950-03-4) from SYPHA is a new annual publication dedicated to digital audio workstations and tapeless
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HOT OFF THE SHELFThe DAW Buyers Guide (ISBN 1-901950-03-4) from SYPHA is a new annual publication dedicated to digital audio workstations and tapeless recorders. With more than 300 entries, this guide includes DAWs for almost every pro audio editing and recording application, as well as systems for CD/DVD premastering and preparing audio content for Internet streaming. Retail: $34.95. Call 800/368-5644 or visit Sound Ideas' new sound effects sets include Just Birds & Animals and PowerSurge (electrical sparks, arcs and zaps, smashes, hits and punches, etc.). These 2-CD collections feature 300 effects. A 5-CD Sports Series features extreme close-ups of catches, hits and impacts recorded with pro athletes playing 30 different sports, plus stadium crowd sounds. The 12-CD Mix VII Broadcast Music Library offers 1,200-plus broadcast-length tracks, with 13 hours of royalty-free music in 16 categories. The 2-CD Classic Drama Music Series has more than 150 tracks of fully orchestrated, royalty-free vintage music from the silver screen. Call 800/387-3030 or 905/886-5000 or visit Technologies OEM amp modules include the JFET990-2 and JMP-1 low-level and line-level amps-second-generation, all-discrete junction field-effect transistor (JFET), Class-A, audio amplifiers, with no IC op amps or NPN/PNP transistors in the signal path. The JFET990-2 is compatible with the 990/2520 footprints and applications, and priced at $65 in single-piece quantities. The JMP-1 is a transformerless, mic preamp/summing amp module in a 3.5x2.5x0.5-inch potted plug-in module, priced at $250. Call 208/263-0286 or click on Renaissance SFX Library is a 7-CD sound effects library encoded and produced entirely in Dolby Surround. The initial collection of 600-plus ambiences, isolated sounds, voices, musical instruments and elements includes the following titles: World Ambiences, Sounds From Nature, Special Environments, Impact FX, Voice FX, Emotional Voices and Music Tools. Call 905/886-5000 or visit Summit Audio Web site ( has been revised with new information and a new site dedicated to the Element 78 line of products at upgrades to QSC's QSControl computer-controlled amp management system allow users to build custom applications with drag-and-drop tools. QSControl can now also be accessed and controlled by multiple system controllers, or PCs, from multiple locations. It features expanded amplifier monitoring capabilities and now controls MIDI devices. Call 714/754-6175 or visit & Heath's RTA software is offered for a free 14-day trial period. The Windows 95/98 application can check and calibrate live, studio and installed systems. Call 801/568-7660 or visit Fantastical Engineer: A Thrillseeker's Guide to Careers in Theme Park Engineering by Celeste Baine is available from Bonamy Publishing for $17.95. Call 877/644-6337 or see www.

Music 2 Hues expands its Royalty-Free Music Collection of CD production music to 24, with the new Light Jazz and Soft Emotions. Also available is a 4-CD Sound Effects Series collection and the Announcer Series of commonly used phrases in both male and female voices. Visit XTA Electronics now offers SMAART Pro control for the XTA DP Series processors. SMAART Pro users can download the XTA software at or at International's 2000 Catalog details the company's full range of door seals and systems for blocking air, light and sound, as well as flames and smoke. For your free catalog, call 800/635-5335 or visit