HHB CDR830 CD RECORDER HHB ( offers the CDR830 BurnIT, an affordable new pro CD recorder featuring 24-bit converters, balanced XLR analog


HHB ( offers the CDR830 BurnIT, an affordable new pro CD recorder featuring 24-bit converters, balanced XLR analog I/Os, an SCMS-free digital input, balanced digital output and wordclock out. The CDR830 records on any CD-R media, and a built-in SRC accepts sampling rates from 32-48 kHz, with each digital input (co-ax and optical S/PDIF) having its own level control. LCD meters monitor levels during recording or playback, and a CD Text feature lets users store disc, track and artist names (up to 120 characters in length) with every recording. The two-rackspace unit includes a wireless remote.


Designed for location sound collecting or as a compact audio sketchpad, the ToneWorks PXR4 Pocket Studio (dist. by Korg, offers four tracks — plus eight virtual tracks per channel — of 32kHz MPEG-format recording. Max recording time is 270 track-minutes onto (up to 128MB) SmartMedia cards. The 4×4-inch battery powered unit includes 77 modeling effects, 55 PCM rhythm patterns, full editing capability, three selectable audio inputs (guitar, line or built-in condenser mic), stereo analog outs, and a USB port for transferring mixes to a PC or workstation. Retail is $500, with 16MB SmartMedia card and AC adapter.


Primacoustic (, the acoustical division of CableTek Electronics Ltd., intros the RazorBlade broadband quadratic diffuser. Effective from 350-10k Hz, RazorBlade features 16 wells of solid MDF construction for maximum density and deflection at all frequencies. All slats feature “dado, dowel and glue” construction to eliminate rattle and self-noise. RazorBlade is 24×48×8 inches (W×H×D) and is available in black or primer coat for painting.


PreSonus Audio Electronics ( has upgraded its DigiMax 8-channel mic/line, dual-servo gain stage preamp, featuring multirate A/D conversion, ADAT Lightpipe output and stable wordclock. Other enhancements include 48V phantom power and 20dB pad buttons, insert points on every channel and an internal power supply. Each mic pre channel features a Neutrik Combo input handling line- or mic levels and signal presence/clipping LEDs. Supported sampling rates are 48, 44.1 and 3 kHz. Bandwidth is 20-50k Hz; analog dynamic range is greater than 120 dB. Price: $999.95.


Prism Sound ( has upgraded its ADA-8 modular digital converter, which can be configured for up to eight channels of simultaneous AD/DA conversion (or 16 channels of either A/D or D/A conversion) with up to 24/96 resolution. New features allow direct control of analog/digital input selection within Pro Tools, along with parallel analog and digital output capability and a wider (±6%) lock range to external clocks. Other features include flexible interfacing options (AES3, TDIF, ADAT, SDIF and others), dedicated interface modules for popular workstations, built-in SNS noise-shapers for 16-bit reduction, and Prism Sound's MR-X word mapping for lossless 24/96 recording on standard 16/20-bit media. Prices begin at under $10,000.


SE Electronics (dist. by Network Pro Marketing, offers the Z5600 Tube Condenser Mic, which features a 12AT7 tube, a 1.07-inch diaphragm and a 9-point polar-pattern selector on the power supply. Designed to emulate the sound of a vintage tube mic, the Z5600 retails at $899. Other mics in the Z Series line include the Z1100, Z2200, Z3300 Class-A FET and the Z3600, priced from $299. SE Electronics also offers the SE Series of affordable large-diaphragm condenser mics, including the SE 5000 tube condenser mic, which is $579, including power supply, case and shockmount.


Applied Research and Technology ( offers the Tube MP Studio V3™ mic preamp, featuring ART's new Variable Valve Voicing (V3) technology, a system of optimized presets created by top studio and live sound engineers. Preamp settings are provided for guitars (electric and acoustic), keyboards, bass guitars, drums and vocals. The Tube MP Studio V3 also features ART's OPL™ Output Protection Limiter, which accurately maintains the output peak signal. Additional features include an analog VU meter, polarity reverse, 48V phantom power, clip LED and a +20dB switch. Price: $149.


Lexicon's ( MPX 110 dual-channel processor is a one-rackspace unit with 240 factory presets, 16 user-definable presets, and a range of stereo reverb programs and effects programs. A front panel knob allows fast manual manipulation of effects parameters, and dual-channel processing offers independent control of left and right effects channels. Effects level, adjust, bypass, tap and mix controls may be controlled via MIDI. Tempo-controlled delays can lock to tap or MIDI clock, and tap tempos can be controlled by audio input, a Tap button, footswitch, external MIDI controller or MIDI program change. Other features include 24-bit internal processing, dual headroom indicators, headphone jack and S/PDIF digital output.


Salzbrenner Stagetec ( offers the TrueMatch® Reference Microphone Converter (RMC), a combined mic preamp and A/D converter with a dynamic range of 153 dBA, 28-bit resolution and sample rates of up to 96 kHz. The unit can process analog input signals between -128 and +22 dBu without a pad, virtually eliminating input clipping for either mic or line inputs. The unit is available in mastering, live sound and music recording versions, and digital output formats include AES/EBU (S/PDIF), ADAT, TDIF, Y2, SDIF and MADI.


The J48™ active direct box from Radial Engineering ( is specifically designed to reproduce the dynamics of modern, high-output active instruments, handling guitars that output as much as 7 or 8 volts (not unusual when volume and tone controls are turned up). The J48 features a 15dB input pad and a Merge function that sums a stereo source to mono at the XLR output, and ground lift/polarity reverse switches. An 80Hz highpass filter switch doubles as a phantom power tester, temporarily lighting an LED.


Genelec's ( 7000 Series of active subwoofers includes four models incorporating proprietary Laminar Spiral Enclosure™ technology. LSE eliminates non-linearities from port turbulence for a smooth flow of LF energy from a rigid, tuned enclosure. The dual 12-inch 7071A complements Genelec's 1032A, S30D or 1037B monitors, with a 19-85Hz response and a 500W amp, for a max SPL of 118 dB. Other models in the 7000 range include the single-12 7070A, designed to work with the company's 1030A/1031A monitors; the single-10 7060A, which matches the 1029A; and the single-8 7050A, for use with 1029A and 2029A/B monitors in stereo applications. The 7071A, 7070A and 7060A include bass management for 5.1/6.1 surround applications.


Denon's ( DVD-1600P rackmount DVD player features 24-bit/192kHz D/A converters, a 144dB dynamic range and a 2-100k Hz bandwidth. The unit has onboard Dolby Digital, DTS and DVD-Audio Decoders, is CD-R/RW-compatible, provides MP3 playback, and outputs in PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS formats, plus 24/96 PCM, as well as stereo and 5.1 analog RCA, S/PDIF optical, and composite and component video outs. Price: $550, with remote.


TimeLine's ( TL-Sync is a machine synchronizer/clock generator providing Tascam DTRS sync, Sony 9-pin ports and MX-2424 TL-Bus, and locks to various clock/positional references while generating MIDI and SMPTE, Digidesign Super Clock, Word and AES Clock. Features include four clock outs with independent rate settings, two LTC/MTC generators, and “virtual” modes for control and track arming from a 9-pin or MMC-compatible mixer. The Post option controls up to four Sony 9-pin devices, and supports GPIs, ADR beeps, bi-phase and a fourth 9-pin device (or Lynx Bus). Several TL-Syncs can form a large sync/clock-distribution system, and the unit can be controlled via the dedicated remote, from an MMC or 9-pin device, or from a DAW, such as Digidesign's MachineControl option. Price: $3,499.