ACUTRON 24/96 AES3 CROSSPOINT SWITCHER Acutron Electroacstica Lda of Portugal ( offers the Acutron Digiroute 8, a 96kHz, 24-bit AES3 crosspoint


Acutron Electroacústica Lda of Portugal ( the Acutron Digiroute 8, a 96kHz, 24-bit AES3 crosspointswitcher with sample rate converters on all outputs. Thetwo-rackspace box includes nine 32-96kHz sample rate converters(eight channels of audio plus a ninth 24-bit DAC output for I/Omonitoring), 32, 44.1, 48 or 96kHz internal clocks plus houseclock. Features include automatic error suppression on switching,Windows NT/98/ME/2000 software control and 50 front panel presets(accessible without a computer). The unit accepts both AES3 andS/PDIF inputs.
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Solid State Logic ( announces newhardware options and software for the Axiom-MT digital multitrackconsole. Hardware options now include the Super Analogue micpreamp, and a hot-swappable digital linear motor fader featuringvirtual detents and a four-character LED display. Version 2.2software offers a choice of new EQ profiles, signal latencymanagement tools, new automation features and new meteringoptions.


The API 7600 one-rackspace input module from Audio Products Inc.( provides all the features of a high-performanceconsole channel strip and can also be used to add channels to anexisting desk incrementally. The 7600 features the same mic pre asis currently available in the API 200 Series Legacy console module,the 212L. The unit's EQ is an exact reissue of the famed 550a,offering three bands of API EQ, but with seven frequency choicesper band. The compressor is the 225L, the same compressor found inthe all-discrete Legacy consoles. The 7600 is available in either ahorizontal or vertical configuration, with panel legends orientedappropriately. Complete with internal power supply, the 7600 stripcan form the basis of a 4- or 8-channel or even 16-channel APIconsole or custom “sidecar” console. Price:$4,995.
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Funk Logic ( has introduced the 3P-IIIPalindrometer, a three-space panel offering an attractive andintriguing alternative to empty rackspaces. The panel is finishedin “classic” blue and features a battery-powered RedIndicator with toggle on/off switch, nonactive rotary controls andcryptic diagrams. All text labels are palindromes: words andphrases that read the same backward or forward. Price of the 3P-IIIis $69.95. Funk Logic also debuts its Cocobolo Exotic HardwoodBlanks, one- and two-space blank panels made from the SouthAmerican hardwood. List: $49.95 for the one-space Cocobolo panel;$59.95 for the two-space model.
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The MK10 microphone from Gold Line ( offersultraflat frequency response, making it ideal as a measurementmicrophone and for certain studio and live recording applications.Featuring a ½-inch diameter pre-polarized condenser capsulewith an omnidirectional polar pattern, the MK10 offers a frequencyresponse of 20-10k Hz ±1 dB (10-20k Hz ±2 dB), maximumSPL of 128 dB and low self-noise. Each mic is supplied with anindividual frequency plot (matched to the mic's serial number),foam-padded carry case and mic clip. Housings are machined brasswith matte silver finish. Price is $250.
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The O.C. White ( Mic Arm microphone supportsystem is available in several configurations and with severalmounting options. Models with a reach of 30, 45 and 50 inches meetthe needs of radio and TV announcers, fixed and mobile DJs, andvoice-over artists, while a multiple arm mount (not shown) canaccommodate roundtable discussions. The vertical riser providesclearance above adjacent studio equipment up to 10.5 inches inheight before any angling of the arm. The Mic Arm is available inblack and beige, and custom colors are available. Prices are $149for the single-arm version (model 51900); and $399 for thethree-arm version (model 51900-3).
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The CM98ST from Carvin ( is a studio condensermic featuring a vacuum tube preamp and dual 1-inch, gold-sputtered,5-micron diaphragms in a special shock-mounted capsule, allenclosed in a solid, machined casing. The CM98ST's dual-diaphragm,multipattern design offers nine different settings fromomnidirectional to hypercardioid, and an integrated 10dB pad allowsfor distortion-free reproduction of extremely loud signals. Alow-cut switch reduces unnecessary low frequencies, and theincluded external shock-mount suspension minimizes vibration andhandling noise. The included 48V phantom power supply assuresconstant voltage and current through a special gold-plated, 7-pincable. Shipped in an aluminum flight case with interior foampadding, a 30-foot, 7-pin cable and a soft carrying pouch for themic, the CM98ST is priced at $699.99.
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Quested Monitoring Systems ( has launched apassive version of its self-powered, two-way active F11. The F11Puses the same cabinet as the self-powered F11, which, being 50%more dense and over twice as rigid as traditional MDF, offersexceptional acoustic properties. Rigidity and effective mass arefurther enhanced by a unique compression brace, resulting inexceptionally tight, punchy and extended bass performance. Theentire F11 range of monitor speakers is now available in threeexotic and unusual special paint finishes: Copper Turkish Marble,Black Marble and Blue Hammered Pearl. The high-gloss coating comesin three different hand-finished designs and requires a minimum offour coats of paint followed by a further four coats of lacquer. Aswith all hand-finished products, no two are identical.
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German microphone manufacturer MBHO ( offers theJecklin and Schneider discs for stereo recording withomnidirectional microphones. The two disc types may be used withany pair of matched omni microphones (MBHO recommends the MBNM-648with omni capsules) placed on either side of the disc, producingnatural-sounding stereo recordings with exceptional low-frequencyresponse and precise stereo placement. The Jecklin disc is $219;the Schneider is $292. Both are available from MBHO's U.S.distributor, MTC/MBHO U.S.
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The M-5 from Hafler ( is a high-performance,passive monitor based on Hafler's TRM-6 active monitor. Thecompact, two-way loudspeaker is magnetically shielded and featuresa 5.25-inch mid-bass driver with a 200-watt system power rating anda front-firing slotted port. The M-5 tweeter combines theproprietary 25mm silk dome and exponential horn waveguide used inthe TRM-6. Users can switch between flat and -3dB settings fortweeter output, and the 3.2kHz crossover is a symmetrical fourthorder (24 dB/octave) Linkwitz-Riley passive filter. All capacitorsare high-quality polyester film, and all inductors are low-DCR aircore types. Inputs are five-way, gold-binding posts. Price:$299.
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Designed primarily as a front end for digital workstations andother hard disk recording applications, the SPL( Channel One is a rackmount unitfeaturing all of the components of a channel strip: a tube micpreamp, EQ, compressor/limiter, de-esser and noise gate. Automatedcontrol parameters minimize the number of controls and speed setup.The compressor/limiter uses SPL's Double VCA Drive, and thede-esser operates in SPL's Auto-Threshold mode that only reducesthe sibilant parts of the frequency spectrum. The 3-band EQ offersproportional Q characteristic, and an air band coil EQ and adistortion stage are included. Additional features include 48Vphantom power, pad/phase reverse switches, and instrument and lineinputs. A headphone monitor output lets users bypass common HDrecording-related latency problems. Options include Lundahl analogI/O transformers and an integrated 24/96 A/D converter. Price:$1,399.
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TC Electronic ( debuts software Version1.20 for the System 6000. The new update, free of charge to System6000 owners, includes more robust SMPTE automation, enhancednetworking capabilities for remotes and mainframes and an improvedversion of the VSS-5.1 Surround Reverb algorithm. TC Electronic isnow shipping the SP-1 Surround Panner Joystick for the System 6000(retail price $799), and a new AES-8 digital expansion card expandsthe System 6000 Audio Mainframe to a maximum of 16 AES/EBU inputsand outputs running at sample rates of up to 96 kHz. The AES-8 cardis $1,995, bringing the price of a System 6000 with 16 digital I/Osto $11,395.
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The Pure Path™ Driver in a Box (DIB)from Amek ( includes eight separate line-in/line-out,transformer-coupled line amps, each with individual mute and phasecontrols, trim and output meter. Designed by Mr. Rupert Neve inconjunction with Amek, the DIB's internal jumpers allow the eightchannels to be independently configured for advanced applications,such as deriving mix minus broadcast feeds. Used as a linereceiver, the DIB overcomes signal mismatches due to groundpotential differences. The DIB can feed one or more output signalsto a variety of destinations, and its high isolation betweenchannels allows channels not used for distribution to act asline-receiving circuits. The DIB may be used to boost levels ofsemi-pro gear to a true +4 dB, and internal trim controls evenpermit levels to be raised to +26 dBu. Insert points let userscontrol the outputs via faders, and signals may be enhanced bymeans of a SILK circuit, switchable on each output channel. Price:$3,250.
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Cases by Masco offers shipping and storage cases for equipment,tools, instruments, test equipment, etc. Standard rack and customcases are available in various sizes and colors, with/without lids,wheels, drawers and molded dividers. Options includewaterproof/shockproof designs, molded or ply construction andvarying grades of ruggedness. Call 714/223-0322 or…The Fourth Edition of F. Alton Everest'sMaster Handbook of Acoustics is now available. Check…Hannay Reels offers a colorcatalog of cable reels designed specifically for audio and videoapplications. Depending on the model, stackable reels haveintegrated handles and include side panels for XLR and BNCconnectors, and stagebox storage trays. Call 877/goreels or…HHB upgrades its 2.6/5.2GB Magneto Opticaldiscs for increased data transfer rates. A new specificationensures that bad sectors are below a maximum percentage and areidentified during low-level formatting. Call 310/319-1311 or clickon…Antares offers the ATR-1a IntonationProcessor, a rackmount version of the ATR-1 pitch correction devicewith new features, including a Bass Mode, a new front panel designand the ability to control pitch correction via MIDI. The ATR-1a is$849, an upgrade kit is $49.95 (recent ATR-1 customers can upgradeat no charge). Call 831/461-7800 or surf…Soundcraft offers a comprehensive libraryof information on all of its console products on CD-ROM. The twodiscs include data sheets, user guides, brochures and images infour formats. Contact Soundcraft at 615/360-0471 or…Audio Amateur Inc. offers the sixthedition of The Loudspeaker Cookbook by Vance Dickason (an industryconsultant and editor of Voice Coil, the loudspeaker industrymonthly). The new edition includes a rewritten chapter ontransmission line speakers, a number of new graphs and references.Call 888/924-9465 or visit…ARX Systems ofAustralia has released its latest CD-ROM catalog of ARX pro audioproducts, including the SPL range of powered loudspeakers and ZAmultichannel amplifiers. Contact the ARX North America office at818/225-1809 or surf to…Mic manufacturer MBHO nowoffers 11 different types of interchangeable capsules for itsmodular microphone system. Exchangeable capsules offered are omniand figure-8, and several flavors of cardioid pickupcharacteristics can be used with the MBNM-603, -680 and -548 micpreamps. Call 718/963-2777 or visit