AUDIO-TECHNICA STEREO SHOTGUNS The AT815ST and AT835ST stereo shotgun microphones from Audio-Technica ( are designed to capture


The AT815ST and AT835ST stereo shotgun microphones fromAudio-Technica ( are designed to capturehigh-quality stereo audio in demanding field situations. Requiring11-52V phantom power, both models feature independent line-cardioidand figure-8 condenser elements. Users can switch between anonmatrixed M-S mode and two internally matrixed left/right Stereomodes for traditional stereo in either wide or narrow patterns. TheAT815ST has a frequency response of 30-20k Hz and a length of 15inches. The 9.3-inch AT835ST has a frequency response of 40-20k Hz.Both models have switchable LF roll-off (80 Hz, 12 dB/octave) andinclude foam windscreen, stand clamp and 24-inch stereo cableterminating in two standard-XLR connectors. The AT815ST is $999;the AT835ST is $899.
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The new DUAL 15m3 workstation from Argosy( is designed specifically for masteringsystems. Three eight-rackspace modules positioned above the solidwork surface place control and processing equipment within easyreach; other rack sizes are available. Features include afull-length padded armrest, wrap-around design and an internalshelf, while cable grommets keep cabling organized and out ofsight. The DUAL 15m3 comes in a standard black or gray finish;options include hand-finished mahogany end panels. The DUAL 15m3 isfactory-direct priced at $1,399.95.
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The DIGIspy digital audio transmission analyzer from SchmidElectronic ( is a handheld test unit thatanalyzes physical transmission quality and checks compliance of thedata format against all relevant standards. Levels and test resultsare displayed on a backlit LCD screen, and a time-stamped errorcounter enables unattended measurements. The DIGIspy acceptsAES/EBU and S/PDIF datastreams and automatically selects the validsignal format. Additional features include peak meters withpeak-hold and clipping indicators, vectorscope display to indicatestereo correlation and an adjustable multisource monitor output.The DIGIspy displays sampling frequency and can process CD trackand start IDs and Q channel information. Compact and lightweight,the unit runs on batteries or a power supply/charger.
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iZ Technology ( is shipping its RADAR 48self-contained, 48-track, hard disk-based digital recorder.Featuring the new V-24+ recording engine, RADAR 48 records atsample rates of up to 192 kHz and uses the real-time BeIA softwareplatform. (Software upgrades available RADAR 48 offers users the ability tocontrol, record and edit 48 tracks of digital audio simultaneouslyin a single turnkey package. Also from iZ Technology, the RADAR M8Surround Sound Master Recorder is the world's first 192kHz,8-track, hard disk-based digital recorder.
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Carvin ( offers the SRS6.5 Studio ReferenceMonitor, a two-way system that consists of a 6.5-inch woofer and ahigh-frequency driver vertically oriented in a mag-shielded, ventedenclosure. Capable of handling 125 watts continuous, the SRS6.5features a frequency response of 50-20k Hz (±3 dB) and has asensitivity of 92.5dB SPL, 1W/1m. A Flat/Contour switch on thefront inserts a midrange dip to emulate typical hi-fi speakers.Dimensions are 9.25×4.75×9 inches, and weight is 21 lbs.Price: $279.99/pair.
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Empirical Labs offers the EL7 FATSO (Full Analog Tape Simulatorand Optimizer) 2-channel audio processor. Distributed by WaveDistribution (, the EL7 FATSO is adigitally controlled analog device that emulates the sound of tubeand Class-A discrete circuit topologies and the effects of magnetictape mediums. A soft clip feature models the effect of broadbandtape saturation, and the unit also offers HF saturation,transformer and tape head emulation functions. Four stereo-linkablecompression modes include “classic” knee compressionand a range of attack and release times. Additional featuresinclude distortion indicators (“0 VU” and“Pinned” LEDs), sidechain access and lockable,calibrated output settings for fast setup. I/Os are balanced XLR,¼-inch phone and RCA. Price: $2,499.
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Mackie Designs has released Version 3 software for the MackieD8B digital mixer. Available for download at, theV.3.0 operating system features third-party plug-in support, newsurround sound mixing features and innovative networkingcapabilities, plus many user-requested features.
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Solid State Logic ( intros a specialClassic configuration of the famous SL 4000 to include the latestsonic improvements of the G+, combined with a return to theoriginal appearance of the E Series, with its black“Raven” finish. Standard features include moving-faderand VCA-based automation, Total Recall technology, LCR panning,additional aux buses, and sidechain and control linking of multipleoutputs. The Classic is available in frame sizes from 48 to 64channels, with a choice of E or G Series EQ and optional packagesto extend multichannel capabilities, and machine controlrequirements can be tailored to the specific customer needs.


Westlake Audio ( has introduced theLc3W12V, a three-way passive monitor that can also be bi-amped.Standing 29.5×14.5×15.5 inches (H×W×D) andweighing 102 lbs., the vertically oriented, bass-reflex enclosurehas a 12-inch woofer, 6.5-inch mid, 1-inch soft-dome tweeter andextensive electromechanical-acoustical damping. Designed as analternative to the horizontally oriented Lc3W12, the Lc3W12V has a40-18k Hz frequency response and is rated at 100/300-watts LF,100/250 MF and 90/220 HF per IEC 268-5 power handling capacity.Finished in black utility paint, the Lc3W12V has a one-yearwarranty. Price is $3,799/pair. Westlake has also redesigned theBBSM-5, a two-way, medium-power reference monitor. The redesignincludes a reproportioned bass-reflex cabinet and has a frequencyresponse of 55-20k Hz. Price is $2,495/pair.
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Earthworks ( is shipping the 1024 4-channel micpreamp, a high-quality unit featuring flat frequency response (2 Hzto 100 kHz, ±0.2 dB) and unmeasurably low distortion. Eachchannel in the single-rackspace unit offers a precision input gaincontrol, stepped in 5dB increments over a 55dB range, plus avariable output control with a 20dB range. Toggle switches engage48V phantom power and reverse polarity for each channel; individualstandby switches mute inputs while keeping phantom power active.LEDs indicate phantom power on and overload and clippingconditions. Inputs are balanced XLR; outputs are XLR and TRS.Price: $3,500.
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Tsunami Technologies (, known forits switch-mode power supply power amplifiers, has introduced aconventional power supply-based, 2-channel power amp capable ofmore than 1,800 watts of power per channel (at two ohms). The newTsunami HQ 3.4 amplifier features Class-H output amplification andprotection against DC, temperature, in-rush current and overcurrentconditions. Price: $1,169.
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Fostex Corporation ( is now shipping its D-242424-track, hard disk recorder/editor, which features 32 virtualtracks (for a total of 56 tracks) and records at 24-bit/96kHzresolution. Features include 128× oversampling AD/DAconverters, a timecode generator/reader, optional 4.7GB DVD-RAMbackup and an 8-channel AES/EBU interface. The removable frontpanel also serves as a full-function remote. The unit offersunlimited Undo capability, Copy/Paste between programs, a dedicatedAll Input key and a footswitch for remote Punch In/Out. Sync ToVideo integrates the D-2424 with video editors that comply withRS-422 P2 protocol. Options include timecode, an 8-channel AES/EBUcard and a DVD-RAM drive. Price: $3,995.
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The Ear Q Reference Hearing Analyzer from Ear Q Technologies( is a system that lets audio pros map and monitortheir own hearing characteristics. Most hearing tests only providedata on the 125-8k Hz speech range; Ear Q provides a fast,simplified means of self-assessment over the music range of 60-20kHz, using the signal-generating capabilities of 16- and 24-bitsoundcards. Software allows for saving and displaying multiple testresults to monitor changes in hearing acuity, such as TemporaryThreshold Shift and impaired Loudness Perception, andlevel-specific equalization settings based on Etymotic Research'sFIG6 algorithms guide the user to compensate for given levels ofhearing loss. Designed to interface directly into any PC, each EarQ Analyzer includes the software package and custom high-isolationheadphones with 25 dB of isolation (sufficient enough to makealmost any room comply with ANSI standards for audiometric hearingtest booths). Price: $149.
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Truth Audio ( offers the TA-1P Near-FieldStudio Monitor, a passive two-way design featuring two 5-inchwoofers and a single 3-inch cloth-dome dynamic tweeter in arear-ported cabinet. The mineral-filled polycone woofers feature a14.6-ounce magnet. Frequency response is 48-20k Hz (±3 dB),and power-handling capability is rated at 165 watts into four ohms.All rear panel connectors are gold-plated. Price: $999/pair.
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Sound Ideas has recently acquired all rights to the followingsound collections: Designer Sound Library, a three-CD specialeffects collection created by sound designers Clive Smith andJonathan Helfand; the John M. Peters three-CD Science Fiction SoundEffects Library; Jurassic Dinosaurs and Futuristic Creatures, a665-effects CD also created by John M. Peters; and Wild World ofAnimals, a 10-CD collection from Hollywood Sound Factory, includingover 850 hard-to-get effects. Visit…Amekhas released Supertrue 4 V2.2 software for the Amek 9098i masterrecording console. Newly extended capabilities include additionaldynamics, auto save, mute, solo and grouping functions. For moredetails, visit… Music and More has released acomprehensive line of analog processors and sound generators atprices ranging from $149 (the DI 16 16-channel direct box) to $499(the SQ 16 Midi Step Sequencer). The eight new products alsoinclude the VF 11 11-band True Analog Vocoder, the HP 48 headphoneamplifier, the RS 3 mono in/stereo outresonator/filter/flanger/phaser and the Warp 9 analog effectsprocessor. Call 800/732-6982 or…Symetrix has redesigned its ambientnoise-sensing gain controller, adding refined processing algorithmsat a lower cost-per-zone. The 371 SPL Computer continuouslymonitors ambient noise conditions via an external microphone andadjusts system gain accordingly. Price is $549. Call 425/787-3222or surf to