TLA VTC TUBE CONSOLE Distributed in the U.S. by HHB (, the TL Audio VTC Tube Console is a fully modular, in-line, multitrack recording

TLA VTC TUBE CONSOLEDistributed in the U.S. by HHB (, the TL Audio VTC Tube Console is a fully modular, in-line, multitrack recording mixer. Available in 16- to 56-channel frames, the VTC uses tube circuitry in channel, monitor, group and master section signal paths for an open, musical sound. Input channel mic preamps include both solid-state and ECC83/12AX7A stages for low noise and rich, tube warmth. A 4-band EQ section offers two fully parametric mids, and the board includes six mono and one stereo aux sends. Main channel faders are 100 mm; monitor faders are 60 mm. Additional features include balanced internal signal buses and a massive steel frame with American oak sides. VU metering is standard; bar graph metering is optional. Further options include a patchbay and fader/mute automation.

TASCAM MM SERIES V. 4.2Tascam ( releases V. 4.2 software for its MMR-8 and MMP-16 disk-based, modular, multitrack recorder/players. Offering plug-and-play compatibility with various DAW formats, the MMR-8 and MMP-16 now support Pro Tools 5.0 session playback. Edits can be performed on a Pro Tools 5.0 session using the MMR-8, MMP-16 or through the ViewNet graphic user interface, with edits saved into RAM without affecting the current EDL. A Pro Tools 5.0 session can also be exported to a Pro Tools 4.0 session via the Backup button on the MMR or through the Utilities menu in ViewNet. Additional features include a Dual SCSI Mode, new volume and mute automation menus, eliminating extra recording time at the beginning of TapeMode projects, and the ability to capture larger blocks from a hard disk. Other key features include the ability to chase SMPTE, Biphase, Serial TC and Lynx/MMR Bus Sync.

KLOTZ DIGITAL VADIS D.C. IIThe VADIS D.C. II production mixing console from Klotz Digital ( offers an open architecture, allowing customers to specify any requested work surface in combination with standard features to create a flexible, powerful mixing system. Based on VADIS 880, an audio/media platform for mixing console and control surface manufacturers, the modular VADIS D.C. II provides an efficient approach to audio routing, fiber-optic distribution, format conversion, including a wide range of DSP functions, and machine control. Also available in split console formats, the VADIS D.C. II allows multiple control locations to share sources, area-wide logic control, signal routing, splitting and more. Klotz manufactures a variety of control surfaces and offers Vadis Partner members the freedom to manufacture control surfaces and develop serial interfaces particular to their markets and applications.

BGW POWER AMPLIFIERBGW Systems ( has introduced the 3fL power amplifier, a 2-channel unit capable of producing 700 watts per channel into a 2-ohm load. The 3fL features BGW's innovative faastLink[TM] technology, which enables the user to monitor crucial performance parameters and provides a one-piece connection for signal inputs via an HD 15-F, 15-pin, D-type female connector. The 2-rackspace unit is priced at $1,478.

NADY SCM STUDIO MICSSCM Series mics from Nady Systems ( include the SCM-900, 910, 920, 980 and the top-of-the-line SCM-1000. Designed for studio vocals, acoustic instruments, orchestras, choral groups and live sound applications, the SCM Series feature a true condenser design with large, gold-sputtered, ultra-thin diaphragms and FET preamplifiers. The SCM-1000 includes a selectable low-cut filter, -10dB attenuator and multiple polar patterns (omni/cardioid/figure-8). Price of the SCM-1000 is $499.95; other SCM models range from $199.95 to $299.95.

AMT INSTRUMENT MICSApplied Microphone Technology ( offers the M-40, a $399 cardioid condenser boundary mic designed primarily for recording piano, but useful in other recording/live sound applications. Featuring a frequency response of 18 to 20k Hz, the M-40 handles 141dB SPLs and is supplied with a 9V battery or phantom-powered external preamp. AMT's S25B and S18C mics ($677 each) are electret condenser models designed for acoustic bass and cello, respectively. Both mics feature an adjustable clip and gooseneck mount for accurate positioning over the instrument's f-hole or bridge.

TERRASONDE AUDIO TOOLBOX PLUSThe next-generation portable acoustic analysis tool from TerraSonde (, the Audio Toolbox Plus features a screen twice the area as the original, a rechargeable SLA battery system, an external mic that can clip directly to the unit or connect via a cable and a rugged aluminum/steel chassis. Now included is the Contractor's Version software package (a $150 option for the standard Audio Toolbox), providing a Sound Study Graph function, ANSI octave and 11/43-octave band filters, and improved resolution and performance. Additional features include a Sound Level Meter (measures SPL accurately to 125 dB), a Real-Time Analyzer, RT60 measurement and Energy/Time graphing. Test functions include a sweep signal generator, dB and VU meters, frequency counter, distortion meter, scope, cable tester and timecode analysis/generation. Price is $1,699, with hard carrying case and computer interface cables.

UA 2610 TUBE MIC PREAMPThe third entry in Universal Audio's ( "Classics" line - other products are the 1176LN Limiting Amplifier and the Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier - is the UA 2610 stereo tube mic preamp. Based on the mic pre module in the innovative Universal Audio 610 modular console, the rackmount UA 2610 includes mic, balanced line and 11/44-inch instrument inputs, and XLR and 11/44-inch outputs. Each channel has a polarity switch and HF/LF shelving EQ with adjustable corner frequency and boost/cut control. Additional features include a mic input attenuator stepped in 5dB increments, switchable phantom power and both 12AX7 and 12AU7 vacuum tubes.

ART TUBE MP STUDIOApplied Research and Technology ( has introduced the Tube MP Studio Microphone preamp, an upgraded version of the ART Tube MP. The new Tube MP Studio offers variable input and output gain controls. It also includes a VU meter and features a signal clip LED and selectable brick-wall limiter protection. With both XLR and 11/44-inch I/Os, the Tube MP Studio also functions as a direct box and includes 48V phantom power. Additional features include 20dB pad, phase reverse switch, impedance matching/preamplification for line-level sources and a hand-selected 12AX7 tube. Retail is $159.

ELECTRIX REPEATERNow shipping, the Electrix ( Repeater is a loop-based, 2-rackspace digital recorder that enables MIDI sequencer-style control over audio loops with independent, real-time manipulation over tempo, key and track offset. Loops can be synched to any source using Repeater's MIDI clock or Audio Beat Detection, and Repeater uses CompactFlash media for easy memory expansion (up to 50 minutes of record time) and Mac/PC compatibility. Price: $699.

ACE RACK PORTER CASESACE Products Group ( offers the Rack Porter line of portable rack cases, incorporating built-in wheels and a molded telescoping handle. Built 18 inches deep to accommodate most rackmount equipment, Rack Porter models feature a synthetic outer shell and padding over a solid fiber inner shell, steel rack rails, large accessory pocket and shoulder strap with pad. Rack Porters are available in 4- and 6-space models; the non-wheeled KRC Series is available in 2/3/4-space models.

DK AUDIO STEREO DISPLAYDK Audio ( offers the new MSD200F/SA Master Stereo Display, an evolution of the existing MSD200/SA that includes a built-in power supply and on/off switch. Features include level meter with selectable VU/PPM scales, peak hold, audio vector oscilloscope (Lissajous display), correlation meter, FFT spectrum analyzer and signal generator. Inputs are both analog XLR and digital AES/EBU and a 9-pin, D-sub connector for the unit's RS-232 port.

Shure's DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit includes three SM57s, one Beta 52 and three A56D drum mount mic clips for $663. Purchased separately, the kit components would total over $850. In other Shure news, a second frequency band (with 100 channels between 692 and 716 MHz) is available for Shure's UC Series UHF wireless, so up to 32 UC systems can be operated simultaneously in a single installation. Call 800/25-SHURE, or visit Renaissance SFX Library is the first sound effects collection completely encoded in Dolby Surround. The series debuts with a 7-CD package - more to follow, and all Renaissance SFX effects are fully stereo-compatible. For more info, visit 6 has launched Studio2Stage, a magazine/product guide aimed at users of the Line 6 digital modeling instrument amplifiers and processors. Published three times a year, Studio2Stage will be distributed through Line 6 dealers. Call 805/379-8900, or visit ...The Math Fiber Optics Pure Digital, One Fiber point-to-point fiber-optic transmission system from Communications Specialties uses digital processing to send any combination of analog video, audio and data signals over a single fiber-optic cable in either direction. Analog signals are converted to digital, transmitted over the fiber-optic cable and reconverted to analog. For more info, call 631/273-0404, or visit's ATW-20 UHF ground plane antenna was developed to enhance wireless reception in challenging RF environments. Featuring interchangeable, band-specific antenna rods, the ATW-20 is compatible with A-T's 7000, 1900, 1400 and U100 Series wireless systems and ATW-D70 and ATW-D90 antenna distribution systems. Price is $180. For more info, call 330/686-2600, or visit sound designer Frank Serafine has released "The Guns of Serafine," a 10-CD library with hundreds of vintage and modern gun sounds recorded indoors and out. Price is $995. For more info, call 310/399-9279, or surf to"2 Step Garage" is a new sampling collection in CD-Audio format, with 120 minutes of house, dub, drums & bass, R&B, reggae and breakbeat, including drum arrangements, backings, instrumental loops, vocals and complete mixes (for commercial/film use) - all license-free. For info, visit