KURZWEIL PC2R Kurzweil ( debuts the PC2R, a single-rackspace module that incorporates the feature set from Kurzweil's new PC Series,

KURZWEIL PC2RKurzweil ( debuts the PC2R, a single-rackspace module that incorporates the feature set from Kurzweil's new PC Series, including 256 programs, triple-strike stereo grand piano, new stereo strings, multistrike classic keyboards and KB-3 tone organ models. Sixty-four voices may be expanded to 128 voices with split and layering capabilities, and dual-stereo FX processors offer flexible routing and extensive effects algorithms. Four performance knobs add real-time function control, and up to four split/overlapping zones can be put under MIDI control. Additional features include expandable sound ROM and 24-bit digital output. Price: $1,295.

The NFIB Legal Foundation and the Atlantic Legal Foundation have teamed to produce a handbook that explains the often-confusing maze of federal employment laws affecting small businesses. The 40-page handbook provides easy-to-understand summaries of federal laws and includes a list of questions not to ask job interviewees, plus a checklist of all labor notices that should be displayed in workplaces. Check out the handbook at NFIB Legal Foundation's Web site at amplifier owners can now order factory-direct accessories and assembly kits online. Customers can browse descriptions and view photos of a variety of accessories that add built-in crossover, limiter, EQ, delay and other processing functions to most QSC amplifiers. The site will soon be expanded to include replacement parts, repair kits and technical documentation. The online Order Center is at ...Promusic Inc. offers Let the Games Begin, a double-CD from the Promusic Soundtrax Music Library that includes an array of sports music to support and complement any Olympic Games-related production. The discs include fanfares, signatures and slo-mo features in a variety of edits and alternate versions. Promusic CDs may be licensed for needle-drop, blanket and annual use. Visit ...iZ Technology Corporation launches a new support and service hotline to provide all RADAR users with timely, effective technical assistance. Call 800/776-1356 or visit Software releases A Short Course in Digital Audio Processing, a free, animated tutorial that covers fundamental digital audio concepts such as waveforms, sampling, bit depth, and how sound travels from the air to the computer's hard drive and back. This latest tutorial joins Syntrillium's growing collection of free tutorials and How-To guides covering audio and music recording topics. Get a free download at Distribution announces a distribution arrangement with CLM Dynamics for the DB500s Expounder Equalizer, an adaptive equalizer that responds dynamically to program material (U.S. list price $1,999). The 2-channel Expounder provides four bands of EQ per channel, each having considerable band overlap. In action, the Expounder's LF and HF dynamics sections automatically adapt the degree of boost to suit the program material, expanding dynamic range by up to 5 dB and providing dynamic manipulation of frequency. For more info, visit ...The Hollywood Edge has teamed with famed sound designer Alan Howarth to create the Alan Howarth Signature Series, a five-CD sound effects library culled from Howarth's own "best of" collection. Hollywood Edge also offers the seven-disc American Zoetrope Vehicles Collection, including hundreds of original vehicle and moving machine sounds. Call 800/292-3755 or visit Up in the Music Business by Jodi Summers is a career guide for both veterans and newcomers to the music industry. Packed with practical tips and personal insights from such industry giants as Jimmy Iovine, Jon Bon Jovi, Mark Mothersbaugh and Will Smith, the 224-page paperback is priced at $18.95 and can be ordered from the Allworth Press at ...TM Century offers three new production music libraries. "Audio Architecture" has high-energy tracks for TV, film, radio and new media, with both stereo submixes and.WAV file format. "Imagio Post" offers 10, 30 and 60-second commercial spots. "Rhythm Mixes" contains beds in rock, country, jazz, drama, international and specialty genres. Call 972/406-6800 or visit