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Primacoustic’s Acoustical Treatment Product Line Now Available in Sketchup’s Component Library

Primacoustic product line is used to design a custom studio in Sketchup program.

Primacoustic in Vancouver, British Columbia, a division of Radial Engineering Ltd., announces that its full line of acoustical treatment products can now be found in Sketchup’s Component Library/3d Warehouse. Sketchup is a popular 3-D modeling program that is widely used by designers in a variety of fields to create layouts and models.

Users will be able to find a full selection of Primacoustic’s product line including renderings for acoustic panels, accent panels, bass traps, diffusers and clouds.

“Primacoustic has been using the software to assist with acoustic treatment layouts for customers and for product design for over three years, and has amassed a collection of 53 Sketchup models representing our entire product line,” says Primacoustic Product Specialist Jay Porter. “Sharing these components with the general public via Sketchup’s Component Library will allow end users, architects, interior decorators and acoustic designers to quickly access Primacoustic products and easily incorporate them into their designs.

“Having the Primacoustic models available in the component library will be beneficial to our product dealers, who are already familiar with and who work with our product line,” Porter continues. “Other users who are looking to incorporate acoustic treatments into their studio, commercial space or even home theater will be able to use our models to create a realistic representation of the product in place. We anticipate this will be yet another way Primacoustic takes some of the mystery out of acoustics, making great sound possible and accessible for everyone who wants the best sound their room can deliver. This can only be truly available when the acoustics of a space are properly treated.”

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