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Prism Sound’s New dScope Series IIIE Audio Analyzer

Audio test and measurement specialist Prism Sound in Cambridge, UK, introduces the new dScope Series IIIE audio analyzer (prices start at $5,995), an analog and digital audio analyzer that is based on the company’s award-winning dScope Series III instrument. dScope Series IIIE is designed for a wide range of audio test applications, particularly automated production line testing, which requires a more targeted feature set.

The dScope Series IIIE audio test and measurement system comprises a Windows PC software application (XP, Vista and Windows 7) coupled with an external high-precision audio I/O processor for equipment-under-test (EUT) connection.

The dScope Series III family now includes the original dScope Series III, the new dScope Series IIIE and two analog-only variants: the dScope IIIA and IIIA+. Users can choose the version that best suits their needs.

The dScope Series III family offers comprehensive analog and digital audio signal generation and analysis, plus support for digital audio carrier testing, quasi-anechoic microphone/loudspeaker analysis and testing of Windowssound devices.

dScope Series III can be automated using its built in VBScript interpreter, and now also via a dedicated test sequencer, which avoids the need for script writing, enabling the creation of custom test routines and pass/fail limit checking. Furthermore, Test automation can also be accomplished with dScope’s “ActiveX COM” interface, offering support for third party automation executives such as National Instruments TestStand.

Find a full list of features available with each version on Prism Sound’s Website.