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Product of the Week: Adamson S-Series Loudspeakers

Scheduled to debut at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, next week are four new additions to the S-Series from Adamson Systems Engineering: the S7, S118, S7p and S10p. All are suitable for use in corporate, HOW, theater and live music applications.

The S7 is a full-range (80 Hz to 18 kHz) line array cabinet constructed from marine-grade birch plywood. The driver complement includes two of Adamson’s ND7-LM16 7-inch Kevlar Neodymium LF transducers and one NH3-8 3-inch diaphragm HF driver. The S7’s sound chamber yields a slightly curved wavefront with a nominal dispersion pattern of 100 x 12.5 degrees (horizontal x vertical), and its efficiency is said to allow increased vertical dispersion without sacrificing high-frequency presence in the far field.

Designed as a companion to the S7, the S118 subwoofer features a lightweight, long-excursion, 18-inch ND18-S Kevlar Neodymium LF driver employing Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and a 4-inch voice coil for high power handling (up to 2,000 watts peak) and SPLs up to 133 dB. The transducer is mounted in a front-loaded enclosure designed to reproduce clean, musical low-frequency information. Integrated rigging matches the hardware used for the S7, enabling the S118 and S7 to be flown in the same array without the need for an adapter frame.

The S7p and S10p are two-way, full-range, point-source loudspeakers. Both models feature a rotating spheroidal waveguide that produces a nominal dispersion pattern of 70 x 40 degrees (horizontal x vertical). Input is via Speakon NL4 connectors. The S7p utilizes two ND7-LM16 7-inch Kevlar Neodymium LF drivers and a single NH3-8 3-inch HF compression driver, yielding a frequency response of 80 Hz to 18 kHz. The S7p can be operated in passive or bi-amped mode, easily switched at the input panel. Maximum SPL is 136.5 dB in biamp mode or 135 dB in passive mode.

The S10p features two ND10-LM 10-inch Kevlar Neodymium LF drivers and one NH3-8 3-inch HF driver, producing a frequency response of 60 Hz to 18 kHz. Maximum SPL is spec’d as 139 dB, and the S10p can handle peak power ratings of 2,800 watts for the LF range and 640 watts for the HF range. The S10p’s capabilities enable it to be used full-range (without a subwoofer) in applications including outfill and sidefill.

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