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Product of the Week: Appsolute Software V-Remote

Intended for use with Avid S3L, SC-48, Profile and D-Show mixing systems, V-Remote from Appsolute Software is an iPad app that enables remote control over the mixing surface. V-Remote supports all Avid console models (except for the S6L) and all versions of Venue software using ECx 3.0 or later. Communication is enabled via the console’s ECx Ethernet Option Card, which must be installed and configured to connect to a wireless router. The iPad then connects to the desk via the wireless access point.

V-Remote’s graphics mimic those of the Avid software, so the learning curve is extremely easy for anyone already familiar with Venue. All console faders, rotary controls and buttons can be controlled by the app, and multiple controls can be operated simultaneously via iPad. Some buttons such as phantom power on/off require a double-tap to prevent accidental operation; a pop-up reminder is issued if the button is tapped once. Tapping in a value field automatically opens the numeric keypad, where values may be entered directly or incrementally changed using nudge buttons. A right-click button is available for access of parameters that would otherwise require a two-button mouse, and a landscape mode allows up to 8x magnification.

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V-Remote’s user guide is always accessible via the information window and is built into the app so an Internet connection is not required for help. Configuration of the software is not necessary; the app assumes the personality of the console to which it is connected. New show files may be loaded without disconnecting the app, and of course the remote capabilities facilitate system tuning or setting of monitor mixes from the performer’s position. V-Remote requires an iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or later, running iOS 8 or later.

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