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Product of the Week: Ashly mXa-1502 Mixer-Amplifier

Intended for use in restaurants, sports bars, small clubs, event centers and hotels, the mXa-1502 from Ashly is a combination mixer-amplifier capable of providing multi-zone music distribution, paging and automated mixing. The mXa-1502 features eight Class-A, balanced mic/line inputs using 3.5mm Euroblock connectors, plus four stereo RCA line inputs. Output from an onboard 2-channel, 150-watt Class-D amplifier is available via 7.62mm Euroblock connectors, and is capable of driving 2-, 4- and 8-ohm, or 25-, 70- and 100-volt loads.

All mXa-1502 I/Os feature a compressor, auto-leveler, brick-wall limiter, anti-feedback processor, automixer, ducker, 31-band graphic EQ, and 10-band parametric EQ. Additional input processing includes phantom power on/off, gain, polarity, highpass and lowpass filters, channel delay and a signal generator, while output processing is augmented with FIR filters, 2-, 3- or 4-way crossover, ambient noise control, and delay.

Ashly AquaControl software is used to manage the mXa-1502, facilitating total control over four unique zones. Designed with an intuitive user interface, AquaControl runs on any browser-enabled device without need for an app. The ability to access the mXa-1502 (as well as future Ashly products) remotely means that installers can troubleshoot and reconfigure the unit without being on-site.

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A scheduler and real-time clock allow automatic, timed, user-defined activation of various operations. The mXa-1502 occupies a single rackspace and may also be operated using Ashly’s hard-wired WR-1.1 remote control.

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