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Product of the Week: Audio-Technica ES945O/XLR and 947C/XLR Boundary Microphones

Omnidirectional and caridoid models contain their own power modules, with XLRM output connectors, and feature RFI shielding technology.

Audio-Technica has unveiled two new boundary condenser microphones designed for discreet surface-mount installation in tabletops, ceilings or panels: the ES945O/XLR (omnidirectional) and ES947C/XLR (cardioid).

Both models feature a low-profile metal case with two-layer perforated grilles and IPX4 water resistance, as well as UniGuard RFI-shielding technology for superior rejection of radio frequency interference (RFI).

The ES945O/XLR provides an omnidirectional pattern with a pickup angle of 360 degrees, while the ES947C/XLR provides a cardioid pattern with a pickup angle of 120 degrees; a small front-of-mic indicator on the ES947C/XLR ensures proper orientation.

The two models employ a self-contained power module with an XLRM output connector, eliminating the need for an external power module. The microphones are available in black or white, and are furnished with rubber isolators for optional mechanical isolation from the mounting surface.

Frequency response of the ES947C/XLR is stated as 70 to 8,500 Hz, and frequency response of the ES945O/XLR is spec’d as 60 to 15,000 Hz. Output impedance for both units is 100 Ohms. Several space-saving variations are available, including the ES945O/TB3 and ES947C/TB3. Available in black or white, these mics are intended for the same applications as the ES945O/XLR and ES947C/XLR, but utilize an ultra-compact design for extremely inconspicuous installation and do not feature the IPX4 water resistance.

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Also being introduced are the ES945O/FM3 and ES947C/FM3, which feature a two-state RGB LED ring (with seven selectable colors as well as “Off”) to indicate mute status, and a touch-sensitive capacitive user switch that enables local muting. The FM3 models use a 3-pin XLR output connector; the ES945O/FM5 and ES947C/FM5 employ a 5-pin XLR output connector that can be configured to toggle between mute and live audio, or can be set up to trigger an external device such as a camera or room lighting.

MSRP for the XLR and TB3 versions is $249; MSRP for the FM3 versions is $329, with the FM5 versions at $349. More info here.