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Product of the Week: Drawmer 1974 Stereo Parametric EQ

Hot off the assembly line from Drawmer (distributed in North America by TransAudio Group) is the 1974 Stereo Parametric Equaliser. As its name implies, the 1974 is a vintage-style, 4-band parametric EQ inspired by 1970s-era gear. Dual-channel potentiometers provide control over Low, Low-Mid, High-Mid and High EQ bands. The Low-Mid and High-Mid bands allow adjustment of frequency, bandwidth and boost/cut, while the Low and High bands allow adjustment of frequency, boost/cut and slope. Boost and cut range for all bands is ±12 dB.

The filter slopes in the 1974’s Low and High bands were chosen for their musicality, enabling a user to adjust the focus of the audio at the frequency extremes without creating the harsh characteristics of brick wall filters. Slope for the Low band may be set to 6, 9 or 12dB per octave, while slope of the High band offers a choice of 6 or 12dB per octave. A unique Peak setting for the Low band adds a narrow bell shape to the 12dB per octave low-cut filter at the knee frequency just before it rolls off, providing extra low-end weight without sacrificing clarity in the lowest frequencies.

The four bands of EQ are augmented with independent Low- and High-Cut filters, variable from 10 to 225 Hz, and 4 to 32 kHz, respectively. An input gain control with a range of ±15 dB enables the 1974 to be set for unity, while hard-wire bypass facilitates comparison between the original and EQ’d signal.

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The 1974 was designed for adding depth and space, and for subtle tonal shaping of the mix bus. The dual-channel, precision-stepped potentiometers facilitate accurate and fast setup or recall without worry of matching settings between the channels. Rear-panel audio I/O is via balanced XLR connectors. MSRP is $999.00.

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