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Product of the Week: GIK Acoustics VISO Booth

The GIK Acoustics VISO Booth is designed for singers, songwriters, voice-over artists and podcasters who are looking to deliver a high-quality vocal performance wherever they might find themselves.

GIK Acoustics has announced the newest addition to its line of acoustic treatment products, the VISO (Vocal ISOlation) Booth. Designed for singers, songwriters, voiceover artists and podcasters looking to improve the quality of their recordings, the VISO booth isolates a vocal microphone from the harsh room reflections that can make voice recordings boxy or thin-sounding.

The L-shaped VISO Booth is constructed from two 16.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 (inches) panels meeting at a 90-degree angle and provides 162 cubic inches of isolation area. The design is said to ensure a large enough absorption area around the microphone to effectively eliminate room tone and other room noise.

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The VISO Booth can be set up on a desktop or on any microphone stand with a standard 5/8-inch thread (not included), and a pre-positioned microphone mount eliminates any guesswork regarding mic placement.

The VISO Booth is manufactured using the same isolation material employed in all of GIK’s professional treatment products (Knauf Insulation Earthwool® Insulation Board with ECOSE® Technology), enabling it to remain effective at those pesky low-mid frequencies that might otherwise make vocal recordings sound muddy.

The portable design and light weight (10 pounds) of the VISO Booth enable it to be easily transported and set up by a single person, and it can be used alone or as part of an overall room treatment plan. The VISO Booth is Class A fire rated for safety and has an MSRP of $89.00.

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