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Product of the Week: iZotope RX 10

Popular modular audio repair suite adds Text Navigation feature and rebuilt Repair Assistant, among other introductions and upgrades.

The latest incarnation of iZotope’s comprehensive modular audio-repair suite and editor just dropped, and, as usual, it introduces plenty of new goodies, many powered by artificial intelligence. 

RX 10 comes in three versions: Advanced, Standard and Elements. The Advanced version has all the modules and features. Standard offers a robust subset (minus some of the post-production features). Both give you many of the modules in plug-in form. Elements is the least expensive and has a small but powerful feature set.

Podcasters and post-production folks will love RX 10’s new Text Navigation feature (Advanced and Standard), which accurately and quickly transcribes spoken-word audio into text that you can display near the top of the screen, synched with the corresponding audio in the waveform/spectrogram display. 

If your audio contains more than one voice, RX Advanced also offers Multiple Speaker Detection, which separates different voices and color codes them in the transcription. 

iZotope completely rebuilt the Repair Assistant, which is now available in plug-in format (Advanced, Standard and Elements). It lets you choose from four audio types: Voice, Musical Audio, Percussive Audio or Sound Effects. It analyzes your audio as it plays and creates a setting to remove or reduce any problems it detects. Its processors include De-Reverb, De-Click, De-Clip, De-Ess, De-Harsh and De-Noise.

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Another completely rebuilt module is Spectral Recovery (Advanced), which is designed to replace frequencies that get removed by audio compression for real-time streaming. Whereas the previous version only dealt with high frequencies, the RX 10 incarnation also replaces missing low-end information.

The De-Hum Module (Advanced and Standard) has a new Adaptive mode designed to speed up workflow. It gives you the option to remove hum without first running the Learn process. You can still use the Static mode if you prefer.

The new features augment the substantial roster of returning modules and processors. Depending on the version, these include Music Rebalance, Voice De-Noise, Guitar De-Noise, De-Click, Breath Control, Spectral Repair, Dialogue Isolate, Variable Time and Variable Pitch, among many others.

RX 10 is also available in the Music Production Suite Pro subscription program and selected bundles. iZotope is also offering low introductory pricing until October 11, 2022. 

  • RX 10 Advanced: $799 (regularly $1,199)
  • RX 10 Standard: $299 (regularly $399)
  • RX 10 Elements: $99 (regularly $129)