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Product of the Week: PROCESS.AUDIO Sugar

A few months ago, PROCESS.AUDIO, a division of, quietly released Sugar: The Ultimate Audio Sweetener. Developed by a team of award-winning engineers and producers, Sugar is an audio spectrum enhancer based on classic techniques used by experienced engineers to create finished sounds. It was designed as a centralized plug-in that combines a variety of processing techniques to facilitate adding punch, thickness, depth, warmth, edge, and grit to tracks and mixes.

Sugar provides control over four bands: Low, Medium, High and Air, each of which has an alternate mode for fine-tuning. The user interface provides a Process fader for each band, allowing independent manipulation of each region, including wet/dry balance.

Sugar also features highpass and lowpass filters with variable slope, and three distortion modes—Drive, Distort and Crush—with variable Saturation that generates effects ranging from gentle saturation to intense clipping. Linear phase technology is employed to avoid the phase issues often heard when parallel processing sounds, enabling Sugar to be used on the master bus or for individual tracks.

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Sugar operates in mono, stereo and M/S modes, and can run under Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only), and Mac OS X (10.9 or newer). Available plug-in formats are AU, AAX, VST (64-bit). A free 30-day trial is available for new users.