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Product of the Week: Sanken CU-31 and CU-32 Microphones

Responding to demand, Sanken announced at the AES Convention last week that the company is reintroducing its CU-31 and CU-32 condenser microphones to the United States as the newest additions to the Sanken Chromatic series of professional mics. Both models feature a cardioid pattern utilizing Sanken’s original push-pull capsule, which yields increased sensitivity; the CU-31 is an end-address design while the CU-32 is side-address.

Diaphragms are constructed from corrosion-free, 1-micron titanium for resistance to changes in temperature and humidity. Frequency response is spec’d as being essentially flat from 20 Hz to 18,000 Hz, with a maximum SPL of 148 dB for 1% THD, and an equivalent noise level of 19 dBA. The CU-31/32 are intended for use on a variety of sound sources, including drums, acoustic guitar, brass, wind instruments, piano, strings and chorus. The mics run on 48 VDC phantom power ±4 volts, and ship with an H-21F clip and a carry case.

More info here.