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Product of the Week: Yorkville Sound Synergy SA221S Subwoofer

The new Yorkville Sound subwoofer, the Synergy SA221S, features dual 21-inch woofers and was designed to complement the SA153 full-range active loudspeaker.

The most recent addition to the Yorkville Synergy line of active loudspeakers is the SA221S active subwoofer. Designed as a companion to the Yorkville SA153 full-range active loudspeaker, the SA221S employs dual 21-inch neodymium woofers with 4.5-inch voice coils housed in a bass reflex enclosure constructed from 15mm birch plywood.

The SA221S features a frequency response ranging from 28 Hz to 100 Hz (±3 dB) and is capable of generating C-weighted SPLs up to 130.6 dB (continuous) and 142.6 dB (peak).

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Onboard amplification is Class-D, capable of supplying 6,000 watts (program) and 17,000 watts (peak) power to the two drivers. A Yorkville proprietary DSP platform provides system protection from over-excursion (X-Max), voice coil overheating (VC-Thermal), and clipping.

The DSP employs IIR filters for crossover and equalization, and adds a small delay to time-align the SA221S with the SA153 full-range box. The SA221S crossover point may be set using 50Hz or 100Hz lowpass filters.

Audio input is via balanced XLR connector with the ability to daisy-chain as many as 20 SA221S or SA315S cabinets without signal degradation. AC input uses a locking powerCON connector, and power can also be looped through to other cabinets as long as the total load on the chain does not exceed 20 amperes.

The SA221 weighs in at 319 pounds and measures 37.75 inches deep (including casters) x 29.75 wide x 47.5 high.

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