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Professional Audio Design Completes 75th Custom Monitor Installation

Studio integration specialists Professional Audio Design (PAD) completed its 75th custom monitoring system

From left: WSDG’s Dirk Noy, Robert Clivillés, PAD’s Dave Malekpour and John Storyk.

Studio integration specialists Professional Audio Design (PAD) completed its 75th custom monitoring system for Robert Clivillés’ (C+C Music Factory) new Paradise Garage in Irvington, N.Y.  

PAD, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary throughout 2007, reached the milestone by creating personalized systems from monitoring legends such as Augspurger and Dynaudio/Munro. PAD analyzes key factors such as a room’s layout, purpose and its owner’s listening preferences while the facility is still in its design/build phase. The company then communicates its specifications to one of the industry-leading monitor designers on its roster.

At Paradise Garage, PAD used its knowledge of studio architect John Storyk’s (WSDG) design, including the room’s size, volume, building materials and more, to execute the tailored Augspurger system. “Outstanding monitoring is something you build into the infrastructure of your room,” says Dave Malekpour, president of Professional Audio Design. “Unlike gear such as a microphone, which you can add into the signal path at any time, monitors are ideally considered to be a part of the facility’s design program.”

Clivillés’ active three-way setup is a free-standing Augspurger system comprised of a single 15-inch horn combination supported by a single 18-inch sub powered by Bryston and Chord amps, all controlled by Lake Contour speaker management DSP.

“It’s all about making systems that not only deliver a terrific experience to the people in the control room, but also translate realistically and accurately everywhere else,” Malekpour explains. “PAD’s collaboration with our clients from very early on in the project allows us to guide the industry’s leading monitoring experts to outline systems tailored exactly to the user’s ears, facility and applications—and sometimes by their desire to go to extremes.”

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