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Professional Wireless Systems Introduces Helical Antenna Kit

Professional Wireless Systems (PWS), a division of Masque Sound, introduces the Antenna Kit ($1,850). The kit is comprised of two HA-8089 helical antennas, two LPDA (bat wing) antennas and two pairs of 25-foot and 50-foot low loss cables, and is designed to provide drop-out free performance for in-ear monitors, wireless microphones and intercom installations.

Packaged in a road-worthy black (or optional yellow) storm case outfitted with latches and custom foam inserts, the PWS Antenna Kit is ideal for use in live concerts, large and small performance venues, broadcast, sports, corporate and houses of worship use. Rugged storm cases are roomy enough for stowing extra Chesboro mounts and additional gear.

“We recognized the potential for marketing antenna kits after providing leading touring artists and major sporting events with self-contained rental units,” says PWS GM Carl Cordes. “Fifteen units performed flawlessly for Stevie Wonder and Mick Jagger at Super Bowl XL earlier this year, and they are in use regularly by such major acts as Diamond Rio, Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay and Nickelback.”

The PWS HA-8089 helical antenna delivers 14 dBi of forward gain and covers a bandwidth from 490 MHz to more than 900 MHz, with an overall estimated beamwidth of 57 degrees. PWS states that the antenna can provide up to twice the range of a log periodic paddle.

A lightweight, 8.5-foot Antenna Mast including special mounting brackets and an additional two-foot extension is available for $295. Individual HA-8089 helical antennas may be purchased for $499.

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