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Propellerhead Introduces ‘Record’ Software

Record software interface

Propellerhead Software in Stockholm, Sweden, is unveiling Record, recording software that puts the musician in focus. Record combines recording with a software mixer console with a limitless rack of audio processing gear that builds itself or can be infinitely customized.

“We figured it was time that someone took a fresh look at recording from a musician’s perspective. Not needing to bolt music features onto an aging audio application, we truly started from scratch with full knowledge of today’s computer architectures and capabilities. Record is the result,” says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO. “In short we wanted to do what we’ve always done—help people make more and better music.”

Record software’s Rack

Built for independent minded musicians, Record is designed to have the feel of a million dollar recording studio with the streamlined simplicity of a tape deck. For guitar players, the built-in virtual POD from Line 6 brings a wide range of top quality guitar amps and cabinets. Record’s software mixer’s sound is modeled after the renowned SSL 9000 K hardware with flexible routing, full dynamics, EQ, advanced effects handling and complete automation. With its state-of-the-art dynamic multicore audio handling, Record uses a computer’s processing power to its fullest.

Record software’s Mixing Console

According to Propellerhead, users will never have worry about track counts, latency issues or adding that extra reverb or effect. With an easy to grasp interface, it won’t get in the way of ideas and will inspire users to make more music.

Record begins beta testing today and will be available for purchase worldwide on September 9, 2009. Record will be available through all Propellerhead dealers worldwide at a suggested retail price of $299.

Propellerhead will also offer special bundles and pricing to its users through its retailers.

For more, read the blog posting by Electronic Musician executive editor/senior media producer Mike Levine, “Propellerhead’s Bombshell Announcement.”

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