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Provider Series Introduces PSL6 Series Lavalier Microphones

Provider Series LLC’s new PSL6 series lavalier microphone ($129.95) is designed for speech and theater applications. The lightweight mic has a 3mm capsule and is intended for applications requiring minimum visibility and comfort, such as video, television, house of worship, stage productions, and for presenters and speakers.

The company says its mini microphone is designed to be practically invisible, while still producing Broadway-quality sound. The PSL6 can easily be hidden in wigs, hair and costumes for stage and drama productions.

The PSL6 is available preconfigured for various beltpacks, including Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, AKG and others. The PSL6 is available in black for traditional lavalier applications, or tan for theater and drama productions. The PSL6 includes the PSL6 lavalier microphone, wind screen, tie clip and storage case.

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